Summary: To glorify The Reason for the season by focusing on a "mystifying", prophetical scripture portion -Micah 5:2

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O little “BIG” Bethlehem…

O little town of Bethlehem

How still we see thee lie…

So goes the famous popular Christmas carol sung in many Churches during the Christmas time heralding the birth of the Savior. For those with a flair for history, this touching hymn was penned by Rector Phillips Brooks (1835-1903) of Philadelphia, in 1868, following a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He was inspired by the view of Bethlehem from the hills of Palestine especially at night time hence the lyrics of O Little Town of Bethlehem. His church organist Lewis Redner (1831-1908) wrote the melody for the Sunday school children’s choir.

Is there something significantly “BIG” about “little” Bethlehem? VERY MUCH! Consider this verse which affirms this truth…

“But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, are only a small village among all the people of Judah.Yet a ruler of Israel will come from you, one whose origins are from the distant past.”-Micah 5:2 (NLV)

In order, we take a 360 degree view about little “BIG” Bethlehem, let’s consider the

1. Personality

2. Personal and

3. Prophetical significance

of the afore-referred Scripture portion. Firstly

Personality Significance…

Hey, was not King David-the greatest of all Jewish Kings born in Bethlehem (Ruth 2:1, 4:13-17/I Samuel 16) nearly 300 years BEFORE Micah of Moresheth came-up with this stirring prophecy? Is there any doubting David’s unique place in both the historical as well as the spiritual realm of the Nation of Israel? Was not David a benchmark for other Judean Kings, who followed him (II Chronicles 17:3/28:1/34:2) in the matters of obedience to the Almighty? So how in the name of logic, could Scripture mention Bethlehem as only “a small village” when it actually could “boast” of being a birthplace of such a spiritual and a historical giant like David? It ought to have been at par with Jerusalem (from where the Judean Kings, including David ruled) in terms of both spiritual and historical importance. For an answer welcome to the Spiritual laws of relativity!!!

The greatest King of Israel pales in comparison with the ETERNAL KING OF KINGS, who was going to be born in Bethlehem. Period. This Judean village would be “small” in the Omniscient one’s sight, only till “GREATEST OF EM’ ALL” arrived. It is the Savior’s birth in Bethlehem, which would enhance its stature in the Heavenly sphere.

Now Christian, are you taking pride in only your special, godly heritage? Good as it is to have noble forefathers of evangelical or pastoral calling, be more proud of the fact that Savior was “born” in your heart, the day you accepted Him, as your Savior. Your status in God’s sight is not based on the great “David-like” grandparents of yours who preceded you but whether Christ has come into your life or not!!! For that’s all matters in the eyes of the Almighty, who set the ball of “Redemption plan” rolling on the First Christmas.

Personal significance…

Say Christian, are you an insignificant “little Bethlehem” in your neighborhood? Not many heads turn, when you walk by, right? Take heart, the moment Christ was “born” in your heart, you became a precious jewel in the Creator’s treasure house. Speaking of riches and treasures’ (taken literally also) is not Bethlehem filling the coffers of Israel today, by way of handsome foreign tourism revenue?

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