Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How can I be saved? Who will not make it and why?

O Wretched Man that I am. Can I be saved from the Fires of Hell? Romans 7:24 Who will not make it and why. Ive been told a number of different times to be careful about what I write, in an article that is published in my local paper once a mounth. You offend people with the truth. Are we telling people, what they need to hear or are we telling them what they want to hear. Romans 7:24, O wreatched man that I am. Who shall deliever me from the body of this death? 8:6, For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Have you ever been in a storm that really shook you down to you bones or found yourself in a flood that you couldnt find a way out? Were you ever really scared and didnt know what to do? Then I would say that you were probably lost. Why can I say that, because fear is not of God. Fear torments and God is not in the business to torment his creation. Who will make it into Gods rest? Those who believe in Jesus. Those that call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved. Heat, as a great blast furnace, burning for ever and ever ,where the soul never dies, torment ,wailing and knashing of teath. The scripture tells us that Hell enlarges its boarders daily. All we hafe to do to be saved is to believe. Revelations 21:7 tells us that, He that overcometh shall inhearit all things, And I will be His God, and He shall be my son. isnt that worth turning your back on Satan? To become the Son of the almighty God, The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, The Almighty. Are you hearing the things that you need to hear, are you getting the truth or are you still hearing that everything will be O.K. in the sweet by and by? The graves are going to give up their dead, the sea and those that have died in it will rise and they will face judgement.Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of Fire, which is the second death. Do you actually want to be around to witness this event, there wont be any news reporters or t.v. cameras to mark this event in history, because history will seace to exsist. Everybody today wants to go down into history to have their name remembered, presidents, governors, kings, and war heros.These people will no longer be remembered. But you name will last forever, eather in Heavan or Hell. There is a book with the names of people in it and its real important. Revelations tells us in 20:15, And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.You will face Jesus, you will bend your knees and you will declare that He is both, Lord and Christ. Without your name written in that book , you will be vanquished into outer darkness and the flames for ever, never to see the Creator, never to have another moments piece, for you will live forever, youll become immortal, your new body of flesh and bone, will never be consumed in the flames. A fire that will never stop. A never ending nightmare, which you wont wake up from.Who wont make Heavan? Revelations 21:8 tells us, the fearful, unbelieveing, abominable, murderers,whoremongers,sorcerers,idolaters and all liares.Those things that worketh abominations and anything that defileth.Homosexuals, man slayers, rapest anything that is unrightious shall not enter into the kingdom of Heavan. Is a lifetime of pleasure worth an eternity of anguish?Can you be saved and be in this clasification of people, Yes. Repent and be washed in the blood of the Lamb. Come out from among them and be ye a seperate people. Salvation is free to all that will accept the lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Cant you tell that the world is changing? Wars and rumors of wars, floods and pestulance, the weather is even changing, you cant hardly tell one season from the next. Desease is raveging the country, children killing children and their parents, there is a cancer running about this country and the world, that cancer is sin. And God knows the best way to cure cancer, and that is by Fire, Jesus said that the fire is allready kindled, cant you smell the smoke, cant you feel the first flames comming up about your feet? Give you heart to Jesus, before its too late, remember that eternity is only 1 heartbeat away. O wretched Man that I am, who shall deliever me from this body of death. Jesus. ars.

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