Summary: Do you want things to go well in your life? Do you want a life that is happy, satisfied and full of joy?

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Do you want things to go well in your life?

Do you want a life that is happy, satisfied and full of joy?

Would you like to never ever again get a traffic ticket?

Do you want your needs to be met?

Do you want your prayers to be heard and answered?

Do you want your lost family members to find salvation?

Do you want your rest from the burdens of life?

Do you want freedom from the demons that haunt you?

Do you want peace and tranquility?

Do you want to have the life God intended for you to have?

I know the answer – would you like me to tell you what it is?

It’s 3 words – FOLLOW THE RULES

FOLLOW THE RULES it’s as simple as that.

Listen, God is a God of order. He created order out of Kaos. He spoke the universe into existance and when he created it he built in order.

There is order in everything in creation. There is order in how the planets rotate around the sun. There is order in how each planet rotates on it’s axis. There is order in the physical rules that God set up in our solar system and on our planet. God created gravity so that we could have an atmosphere, air to breath, weather and most important – dry land to live on. If it wern’t for gravity holding the seas at bay, we would be under water. Even the Moon’s gravity controls the ocean tides.

Gravity is a force, a law of order that God has put in place to benefit us all, but, if we stupidly choose to ignore the law of gravity and step off a cliff what happens?

The law of gravity takes over and we fall. Then the law of smack takes over when we smack – hit the ground.

We use the laws of thermal dynamics to our benefit but they also act against us as well. Take the 2nd law of thermal dynamics for instance. I call it the “law of old,” basically it states that energy degrades over time and the former state of a thing is never the same current state – that’s why we can’t make a perfect refridgerator. It’s also why our bodies grow old and die. Speaking of the laws of thermal dynamics, what happens when you drive a wedge of uranium 238 into a ball of uranium 238 at a high velocity????

Don’t try this at home, unless you are at least 30 miles away from me – thank you very much. Because when you drive a wedge of uranium 238 into a ball of uranium 238 at high velocity you get a nuclear explosion. It’s a physical law that God set in place when he created our universe.

Listen, God created order in the universe and if we don’t respect His laws we pay the price.

Let me give you some more scientific laws from my own boyhood experiments:

(Kids, don’t try this at home without adult supervision.)

How about the law of shock? If you touch two electric wires that have current running through them you ge-e-et sho-o-o-o-cked.

How about the law of stick? If you touch your tounge to a freezing metal flag pole you can leave a piece of it there when you rip it off.

How agout the law of PeeYuuu? If you leave an egg out for six months and then drop it in the garage you get the foulest smell.

How about the law of Yeaooooh! This law goes into effect when you hit your thumb with a hammer or when your dad finds out you intentionally broke a rotten egg in the garage.

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