Summary: We become what we behold. As we behold Jesus, our love for Him increases. With an increase in love comes an increased desire to obey. We find His promises and abundant life for us as we obey and walk closely with Jesus each day.

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Amazed: Obedience

Well, we’re going to continue on our series called Amazed, today, and today’s title is called, “Amazed at Obedience.” Didn’t get any “amens” – I mean come on now. Amazed at obedience, because it is a joy.

I want to start by telling you a little story about our family. Most of you guys know we have four kids and they range now from 24 years old to 15 years old, but say when they were – say Abby was 11, Daniel was about 2, we thought, “Hey we’re going to have a great, family kind of getaway. We’re going to go to the beach for the day, down on Galveston Island.” Now Laura and I grew up in the area. She grew up in Houston, I grew up in Beaumont, Texas, and so we had been to Galveston many times, and we were excited to relive the memories. Just kind of like what we had experienced, and we’re thinking, “This is going to be awesome, I mean, out in a beach and sand and making sand castles. I mean, this is going to be a great memory.” And so we drove down to Laura’s mom’s home in Houston, spent the night there. We get up the next morning and we are headed to the beach. We get everybody strapped in – a little whining, griping and complaining going on as we were dragging them out early, but as we were pulling out eventually the whining increases, and somebody hits another kid and we do the old threat, “If you do that again, we’re going to pull over!” And they gave us great reason to pull over in about 10 minutes, and so we got everybody and we lovingly disciplined everybody, made sure we knew the family rules were all back on the train. Soon as we get back all in the van, then somebody else says, “Daddy, I gotta go to the bathroom, I gotta go to the bathroom.” I say, “Hey you need to hold it.” “I can’t hold it – I’m going to go in my pants. I need to go now. We need to stop.” We pull over, we stop at the bathroom, then somebody else the next time we get going is hungry, and somebody else is mad at another one. I mean, it was a zoo getting down there. It should have taken about an hour and a half – it took two and a half hours. So two and a half hours – we pull up to Galveston, and at least in those days you could drive your van out on the beach, and I’d already pictured this: The minivan just right there by the ocean, wind blowing through, a little pup tent, building sand castles together. I mean, this was going to be awesome. So we get there, we open up the van, we do the deal, and all of a sudden – the wind’s blowing, and Daniel says, “I got sand in my eyes, I got sand in my eyes! I hate the beach! I hate the beach!” So I’m getting some water – “Laura, we need to get the sand out of his eyes,” and all of a sudden, Caleb who’s six is running into the surf, up to his neck. We’re not sure if he can even swim, and so I said, “You take him!” And I run to the beach, rescue him, drag him back – “Don’t you ever do that, don’t you run…” So we got that going on, and I mean, that’s about how the day went. I mean when we got out the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, of course, there was sand in the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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