Summary: If you are going to reach your destiny in Christ, many times you will go through the valley.

Title: Obtaining Your Destiny III (Developing a Purpose)

Text: I Samuel 17:24

Intro: If you are going to reach your destiny in Christ, many times you will go through the valley. You must move from your place of safety and comfort; walk into that valley; and face the giants of your life before you will be able to get to the other side. Many would just assume to bypass the valleys of life but it is in the valleys of life that God stretches us into what He wants us to be.

I. Watch out for Dream Killers

A. Many people dream dreams of great things for God only to drop their dream.

- Eliab, his brother, walks up on the conversation

- “Hey did you hear what this kid is saying?”

- Then his brother begins to chew him out

B. When God has given you something you may be ridiculed, laughed at, told every reason under the sun why you cannot do it; don’t drop the dream.

- Many of you when you came to Christ were told, “You’ll never make it”

- “You will backslide”

- Many have said, “You can’t expect to see a large church in Vincent, Alabama, static’s will tell you in just cannot happen.”

- When God calls you & puts that vision into your life, we must become DETERMINED that no matter what any one tells us; no matter what any demon of hell might say or do to us, We are going to keep walking through that valley holing on to the UNSHAKEABLE, ALL POWERFUL hand of God. & we will experience complete victory.

- It doesn’t matter what man might say

- It doesn’t matter what hell may say

- It only matters what God is saying

Romans 8:31 If God be for us, who can be against us?

Psalms 98:1 O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvellous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.

Zechariah 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

- I am not into what everyone else says I am into what God’s says.

- Don’t drop the dream because someone else say’s it can’t be done. Stick with God, and hold onto that dream.

C. Their reputation was in jeopardy. That was the reason that Eliab attacked David.

- Because his lack of zeal was being exposed by his younger brother

- He was supposed to be the great warrior of valor not David.

- The cause should be greater than anyone’s reputation

- God if you cannot use me use someone else

• I don’t care if I am patted on the back or not

• I don’t care if I get recognized from the pulpit or not

• I don’t care if my name appears in the bulletin

• My goal, my vision is for the ministry of this church and the Word of God to move forward

D. Some of you are going to have great dreams for God. When you share them with others they may not grasp them.

- People that do nothing for God become faultfinders of those that are working for God.

- We need to have the attitude of praise God you can make it rather than that of “We tried it before and nothing happened”

- We need to encourage each other to move forward rather than pulling each other back down.

E. There are those here today that would say:

- I can’t do anything for God

- It is tuff

- This is bad


• I have this or that going on in my life

• The People I work with are always cursing

• I stay under such a cloud of depression

- We should be praising God that we can be a light shining out in darkness and make a difference

- Old saying goes, “Bloom where God plant’s you”

- We must get the attitude that if Jesus were here this is where He would put me.

- I am not going to fold up, I am Going to be a warrior that Dreams Of Victory

F. What was David Doing

- He was forming a purpose

- He ask the Question again

• Do we have a purpose in life

 Why are we here today?

 Because we are saved

 To do what?

 To go to church

 To do What


• This is not a reason nor a purpose

 Why do we sing

 Why do we raise our hands

 Why do we pray for the sick

 Why do we desire to grow in God

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