Summary: The way we live and lead our lives is very important, There should be something about us that should be inspiring, that says to a person, I don’t know what it is about them, but whatever it is, I want what they have.

Oh happy day

Oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sin away,

you know the movie "sister act" probably gets a lot of credit for making that song popular and it did,

When God was all but removed from public buildings,.

High schools all across America, sang about the Love of God!

It was a great inspiring movie, about overcoming circumstances and becoming victorious in the end.

it rings so true, because we can all relate to its redemption message of truth in our Christian life, walk and relationship with Jesus!

I think we have all seen things and people who have inspired us, that overcame great obsticles and have done amazing things.

Ill. Years ago, I remember seeing a man on TV, who played the guitar, who had no arms and held the pick and chorded with his toes, and he played amazingly!

It’s those times we realize how little we all do, with what we have and how much more, we would all capable of, if we would try harder!

It’s a sad fact of life today, but there are a lot of discouraged people out there in this world.

But I’m telling you today, if you know and I mean truly know the Son of God, you have a reason to be singing continuously, Oh Happy Day!

There is truly nothing to be discouraged about in this life that we live, if He is part of it!

But that’s the key, Jesus has to have the lead role, the starring part and be your main focus!

Oh sure, things happen, problems come and go, as they always do, but there is nothing, not one thing in any of our lives that can’t be overcome with the Lord’s help.

*He is an overcoming,

*death defying,

*problem solving,

*grace giving,

*all forgiving,

*Amazingly Awesome Good God!

As Christians, we of all people should be happy about our lot in life.

We should be ecstatic!, we have been forgiven of all the sins, we have ever done or will do,

Only by the precious grace of Jesus, that God sent to us, oh so long ago.

It makes you wonder, Why in the world aren’t more people able to get their hands around this,

Life giving, Life changing message, Jesus has given to whosoever will believe!

A message, that was so important for God to get to us, that He was willing to sacrifice and give up, His one and only Son, so we could have it!

And by doing so, His death on the cross, would forever pay the price for the forgiveness of all sin,

(Sing if you choose) Jesus Paid It All, All To Him I Owe, Sin Had Left A Crimson Stain, He Washed It White As Snow!

Only the blood of Jesus was able to overcome and conquer the sin of the world!

Everything that we have, every benefit we enjoy, everything good that’s ever happened in our lives, we owe to the selfless act of Jesus.

THANK YOU JESUS!! Can you give Him an Amen this morning?

We don’t fight for victory today, and thats not to say that there still isn’t going to be a battle, but we fight from His Victory and Praise the Lord, He was Victorious!

Jesus has already been there, and been victorious for us, in and over every situation we will ever encounter.

With all of the technological advancements that keep coming about in the world,

we often think , about how much better we have it today, then our parents had it, so long ago.

Yet we find, we still face many of the same things they encountered back then, like discouragement, loneliness and fear.

The same old bag of tricks, the accuser was using back then, he is still using today, thing is, he has a lot more streams of media available to him now.

Discouragement Defined; to make somebody less optimistic: to make somebody feel less motivated, confident, or optimistic.

Discouragement in the world today, is probably almost at an all time high.

So many out of work, so many have lost their homes, so many people numb from what the world and the accuser has done to them.

The answer to all the worlds problems, of course, seems obvious to me, how about you?

It’s simple, the whole world needs to experience, an "Oh Happy Day" moment,

and let Jesus wash their sin and all their problems away!

God is the creator and maker of everything and everyone, He is the only one who can fix this messed up world in which we live,

one moment of his grace and favor, can turn any situation around!

God has made promise after promise to His Children and to all who will listen, and there is not one promise that He has not kept.

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