Summary: The Word of God is Alive, Active, on Fire! This message is about how Jesus used the Word of God to fire up the 2 discourage disciples on the road to Emmaus! If you are looking for a message to encourage people to Read The Bible - this could be what you ar

Why Read The Bible?

Many of you have probably have had this experience. You know someone who was once fired up for Jesus and over the years they have lost that excitement. They would read their Bible, pray, and attend church and now they have lost their passion. Possibly, this has happened to you and maybe (I hope not) you are in this situation right now. I have observed that many Christians (leaders included) have a yearning, a desire for revival. Revival is something being revived or to return to life. In other words, we are saying things are a little dead or lacking of life and we want to get back to the fullness of life like it was at a previous time.

It’s like someone needs spiritual Defibrillation. Grab the paddles, fire up the electronic device called an automated external defibrillator (AED), yell clear and whomp.

2 Timothy 1:6 (BBE)

For this reason I say to you, Let that grace of God which is in you, given to you by my hands, have living power. (stir up the gift)

1 Thessalonians 5:19

Do not put out the Spirit’s fire;

Paul tells us that we need to stay spiritually alive, but here he doesn’t tell us how. How do we stay stirred up? How do we our spiritual heart to keep beating and not flat line? How do we stay spiritually alive?

TO find the answer – we need to turn to Luke 24

I Will Begin To Read From The 13th Verse:

I. Spiritual Cardiac Arrest

What is the condition of these 2 disciples when Jesus begins to walk with them on the road?

a. We see that they love God

i. :14 - Their topic was Christ (they were talking about Him.)

ii. :19 - They even would talk about Him to a stranger

iii. :17 - Their faces showed they loved him (they were sad.)

b. But there sadness was not just because He died.

i. :21 - The but WE is emphatic, what they are saying is: Other people thought differently, they laughed at Him and even mocked Him, but we - implies that they had expectations in Him, until the recent events that smashed their hopes to the ground. We were hoping (or had hoped) past tense - they lost their hope.

ii. In the midst of some exciting reports they go home. Why, How did they lose their fire?

iii. They had lost their confidence, not in Him, but in His ability to do what they had thought He was going to do. They had hoped he would redeem Israel, that He would break the yoke (or bondage) of the oppressor, that He would restore the Jews and prosper them just like old times. BUT HE DIDN’T. To them the Cross was a Tragedy. Jesus had failed. Consequently, their enthusiasm was cooled.

iv. They still loved Him, but they were sadly disappointed and they couldn’t fight the feeling that this man whom they considered a prophet, who walked with such power & authority had somehow failed. They felt like someone had blown out their candle or had poured a bucket of water on their fire.

c. I believe that the same thing that happened to these 2 disciples is happening to many Christians in the Church today. We also suffer from a lack of certainty as to His ability to do what we thought He was going to do:

i. I prayed and prayed to be healed and God didn’t heal me...

ii. God told me to take this job and I still am not being able to pay my bills, I thought He was going to prosper me.

iii. God told me to move to this city and that I would be much more effective for the gospel. Not only am I not winning people to Christ, I don’t even have any friends here. I wonder if I didn’t hear God right, I shouldn’t of ever moved here in the 1st place.

d. We shouldn’t be surprised at these two - we have all been disappointed before. The key to their (as well as our) disappointed is with expectations. For example:

i. A kid comes home with an A- , 2 B+ 2 B & C and he is excited to have done that well, but he hears - Your brother came home with straight A’s.

ii. Pete just won an award at the office and the accolades of his workers, but his wife says big deal, Bob got a bonus with his Award. Your salary stinks and we still can’t afford to get some new furniture for the living room.

iii. Sue, I know it’s late, but I knew you wouldn’t mind seeing one more client.


i. They create conditional love. What they say is - I love you, but I will love you more if.... We place them on one another and on God. But God does not do this. Yes, He wants the best of us, but if we let him down - He still loves us. Romans 5:8 "While we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

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