Summary: There are times in our lives when not much seems to be happening. It’s easy to lose our joy. But we can maintain our joy even when it seems like we are on hold.

August 24, 2003 Esther 5

“On hold”


A twelve-year old boy “resigned from delivering the San Francisco Examiner” with the following letter: “I am a carrier for the San Francisco Examiner. As provided in Section 14a of the Youth Carrier Delivery contract, I am giving the newspaper agency a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to my resignation. Please note my resignation will go into effect Tuesday [date]…. I am quitting as a form of protest against the series you printed in early June entitled Gay in America and the very unprofessionsal and biased manner in which you report on touchy subjects like “Gay Liberation” and Abortion issues. I could not in good conscience comply with all the terms of my contract as stated in paragraph three and solicit a paper that I personally disagree with.”


 Esther’s request (vs. 1-8)

 Haman’s rage (vs. 9-14)

“He went to sleep that night listening to the thump and the bump and the pounding of the construction crew as they worked through the night, building a pole upon which his enemy would hang.” – p. 94-107, Esther by Chuck Swindoll


In order to be satisfied during the transition times…

1. You must wait and be patient for God’s timing. “come tomorrow to the banquet” (vs. 8)

2. You must persevere and be faithful to perform God’s instructions. “put on her royal robes and stood” (vs. 1)

3. You must restrain yourself and be self-controlled around God’s creations (i.e. people) even when they are annoying. “Mordecai…neither rose nor showed fear” (vs. 9)

4. You must concentrate on and be thankful for God’s gifts. “wealth… sons…honored…elevated…invited…no satisfaction” (vs. 11-13)

5. You must humble yourself and be focused on God’s glory. “boasted” (vs. 11)

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