Summary: The 4th in a series of messages on the life of the Prophet Elijah

Sermon by: Dr. Todd Morris

Text: I Kings 17:17-24

Title: Elijah’s On The Job Training (Elijah #4)

Date: March 14, 2004

Introduction: Well, last week we saw Elijah graduate from Dry Brook University. There he learned to depend on the Lord for all of his provisions, and there at a brook called Cherith we saw his flesh broken. Then immediately he enrolled in the Empty Barrel Graduate School. While there we saw his pride broken as he must ask a lowly widow to supply his needs as the Lord gave her ability. If you didn’t know better you’d think that Elijah was being punished for something.

Of course the Bible teaches us that such is not the case. God is not correcting His prophet; He is perfecting him. God is teaching Elijah lessons that can be learned through trial and difficulty. You see, it is in the storm of life that we learn that God can walk on the waves. It is in the valleys that we learn that He is the Lily of the Valley. Sometimes we must go through the fires of life to find out that He will go with us every step of the way. These are the things that Elijah is learning and they will serve him well in the near future. God is preparing Elijah to stand for Him in very powerful way.

In our text today, the prophet faces another difficult trial of faith. In a sense, Elijah is getting some on the job training from the Lord. Let’s look in on this scene of tragedy and triumph and learn, along with Elijah, the valuable lessons that are learned during on the job training.


A. A Dear Person – This boy who had been miraculously fed has now died.

B. A Distraught Parent – The only son of this widow was stripped from her.

C. A Discouraged Prophet – The widow points an accusing finger at the prophet.


A. Elijah’s Calmness (19)

B. Elijah’s Compassion (20-21)

1. Seen in His Prayer (20)

2. Seen in His Position (21)

3. Seen in His Petition (21)

C. Elijah’s Conquest (22-23)

1. Elijah Prevailing in Prayer (22)

2. Elijah Presenting the Proof (23)


A. God’s Man is Vindicated

B. God’s Message is Validated

C. God’s Method is Victorious

1. The widow is encouraged

2. The prophet is enabled

Conclusion: Where does this message find you today? Are you facing situations that seem impossible to you? Has it dawned on you yet that you aren’t there by accident? Have you come to realize that, if you are saved nothing can come to you except by the permission of God? If we can ever understand that then we have taken the first step toward victory over our situation.

Whatever it is that you are facing today, I challenge you to bring it before the Lord and trust Him to see you over it, around it, or through it. Just like the widow placed the burden of her dead son in the arms of Elijah, I challenge you to place your burdens in the outstretched arms of Jesus! He will help you, but only when you trust Him by faith.

If your problem is sin, Jesus can remove that mountain. If it is emotional, financial, interpersonal, physical, spiritual, or anything else you can name, the answer lies in bringing it to Jesus. Will you come to the place where you can trust Him with your situation today?

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