Summary: What goes through the mind of the Apostle John as he arrives at the empty tomb on that Easter morning?

On the Road with Jesus: John

John 20:1-9 and other selections from the book of John and gospel accounts

April 21, 2019 – Easter

During this Lenten season we have been on the road with Jesus. It has been a unique look at Jesus from those that he came in contact with. We have heard from his friend, Lazarus, who he raised from the dead. We heard from a leper who not only was healed of his awful disease but also found new life because of his faith. We heard from a rich young ruler who was looking for the kingdom of heaven. For him the cost was too high and he left disappointed. He heard from another one of Jesus close friends, Mary. We saw her extravagant love for her Savior.

Last week we heard from one of his disciples. He was there on Palm Sunday when Jesus came victoriously into the city of Jerusalem. He challenged us on the cost of following Jesus. It might cost you everything but in return the experience will be unforgettable and the reward is like none other. If you missed these you can watch them on the church’s website.

Today is the last in this series. Today we hear from another one of the twelve. Today we hear from the Apostle, John. As in past weeks there have been a few creative liberties taken but most of what you will hear today is based on John’s own story and from the other gospels. You are encouraged to read John 20:1-9 as well as the entire book on your own and experience Jesus ministry as told by John.

It is our desire that you have seen that Jesus meets all kinds of different people on the road. We hope that you also have met or will meet Jesus on your road. I hear John coming now. He has a special story to tell.

John comes running into church……run up on platform like running to the tomb……beating Peter…..get to the tomb and look inside but not go in.

NO NO NO NO – cautiously approach the tomb

As if things could get any worse. They were right, the stone is rolled away. Who would do such a thing? Where is the guard, the group of soldiers that had been here? This is no small stone to roll away.

Act like you are looking inside the tomb but don’t go in….describing what you see

There is no body. There is no body! Only burial clothes lying there! No. NO. NO! How could this happen? Peter is coming. He has always been slow. I outran him here to the tomb. This makes no sense but then again it didn’t make sense from the beginning.

My brother and I were just fishermen. We were also devout followers of Yahweh. We knew the ancient prophecies about the promised Messiah. We waited with great anticipation just like everyone else. That is why when John the Baptist came around we wondered if he was this promised Messiah.

People asked him if he was Elijah or a prophet but he said that he was not. He said, I am the voice of one calling in the desert. Make straight the way for the Lord.

The Pharisees questioned him about his baptizing and he told them, I baptize with water but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.

My friend Andrew and I spent as much time as we could with John. We were two of his disciples. We listened to him call for repentance and talk about this one who would be coming after him. Many were coming to listen to him and were being baptized.

We were with John the Baptist when he saw Jesus pass by and he said to us, Look the Lamb of God!

We took off after Jesus and followed him, not knowing what to say and lucky for us it was Jesus who spoke first. He turned around and simply asked, “What do you want?”

I bumbled out, “Rabbi, where are you staying.”

We spent the rest of the day with Jesus soaking up all that he was saying. It was apparent from the get go that this man was exactly what John the Baptist had referred to him as. Andrew left to go and tell his brother Simon and I just tried to process the day with this extraordinary man.

We all went back to fishing the family business but we were always talking about Jesus. I told my father, Zebedee about him as well as my brother James. Jesus came to us as we were in the boats preparing the nets with our father and called for us to follow him. James and I dropped what we were doing and went to Jesus. I’m not entirely sure how my father felt about it but I would never pass up the chance to follow this great man.

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