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Reading: Acts chapter 18 verses 1-17.

• Last Sunday you looked at chapter 17 when the apostle Paul was in Athens

• This week in chapter 18 he has left Athens;

• And made a 90-mile journey west to Corinth.

• And unlike Athens, when he is with Christian friends (chapter 17 vs 15)

• This time Paul is alone,

• A 90 mile journey and he arrives in the winter of about A.D. 50.


• A man who bragged that he had cut off the tail of a man-eating lion;

• Using only a small pen knife.

• When someone asked him why he hadn’t cut off the lion’s head,

• The man looked embarrassed and replied: “Someone had already done that.”

Paul was a man of great courage:

• To go alone to a place like Corinth and share the good news of Jesus;

• Takes some doing!

• Ill: Open air prayer: “Let it rain!”

• Ill: Door to door prayer: “Let them be out!”

• To go alone to a place like Corinth and share the good news of Jesus;

• Takes some doing!


• Athens and Corinth were very different types of cities;

• There was great rivalry between the two cities.

• Athens had been the leading political and commercial centre in Greece.

• But now Corinth had replaced it! That alone caused major rivalry & opposition.


• Corinth & Athens were in every sense cities of contrast:

• Glasgow and Edinburgh.

• Athens was the university city, a cultural city,

• Where the eggheads, the intellectuals met and spent time in philosophical discussion.

• Corinth was a bustling port;

• It was a cosmopolitan city, containing a mixture of people and races,

(A). Cosmopolitan:

• Cosmopolitan simply means multi-ethnic, international, broad-based,

• Ill: Hounslow Holiday Club – at least 15 nationalities.


• Bob Telford – we must do something in Stratford – upon –Avon.

• Asked him why, he would reply; “Because you will meet people from all over the world!”

The city of Corinth was like that!

• People passed through from all over the world!

• The city was mostly populated by freedmen – ex slaves:

• They had either bought their freedom or earned it in some way.

• Ill: 7 years later Paul wrote the Church in Corinth a letter (1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 26):

“Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes or powerful or wealthy when God called you.”

• Many of these ex-slaves had worked their way up the social ladder;

• They had become quite wealthy and they occupied some important positions in society.

(B). Commercial.

• Thanks to its location,

• The city was a centre for both trade and travel:

• It was seated at the crossroads of the Roman Empire.

• Corinth was a place where all trade routes met.

The southern part of Greece is very much an island.

• Ill: 10 miles away from Ports mouth (which is an island -cut off by water).

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