Summary: Jesus finds us not, Us finding Him...


TITUS 3:3-8

At the beginning of our lives we were all

disobedient to God!!

We knew how God wanted us to live didn’t we?

We knew his commandments, and

we knew his laws.

But we rejected all the above, AMEN

And all sin is against God.

We disobeyed God!!!!

But we have the opportunity to

get it right with Him!!!

And once we get it right, Sin will have

no dominion over us!!!!

Jesus had no sin because his heart was

right toward God!!!

He was in God’s perfect will!!!!

John 8:36 says:

If The Son therefore shall make you free

ye shall be free indeed!!!

How many of us tonight, are actually living

like we are really free???

With Jesus Christ living in your heart

You are as free as free can be!!!!!!AMEN

Don’t get me wrong now I ain’t saying

that we’re all perfect!!!

But we have to strive to be perfect!!

We all make mistakes, and sometimes

they’re worthy of severe punishment.

But God forgives us and loves us for who

and what we are!!!!AMEN

And the Apostle Paul had this same problem dealing with sin.

Romans 7:14 says

For we know that the law is spiritual

but I am carnal, sold under sin.

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death

but the gift of God is eternal life

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Apostle wasn’t just talking about

the way he used to be so sinful,

persecuting Christians and so on

and then finally accepting the Lord Jesus

Christ as his personal Savior.

He was just admitting that he was weak

and gave into sin, just like you and I do daily.

And Paul even seemed to condemn himself

in Romans 7:25 it says:

O wretched man that I am!

Who shall deliver me from the body of

this death!!

People Jesus Christ is the only one who

can deliver us from this sinful body!!!

And not to mention this sinful world!!!

The Bible says:

For all have sinned and come short of

the Glory of God!!!

How many times a week could you just kick

yourself for failing God????

You try to be patient with your kids, or your spouse, or your parents.

And just in a split second we lash out,

and our words and our actions, become


And BAM the damage is done!!!!

You thought you were prayed up

and you thought that you had that nasty habit of sin Broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we allow the devil to slip right

in the back door!!!

Romans 3:10 says:

There is none righteous, no, not one!!!

Way too often we listen to that little devil

voice when it says.

It’ll be ok just this once!!!!!

And then you feel like a failure.

And the Holy Ghost is convicting you,

And He is guiding you

right back into repentance!!!!!

Thousands of times daily and weekly

we fail in a thousand different ways.

We try to live by the standards that

we know is right.

We try not to sin and all the time we know better.

And you feel dumb and un-loved, when you do.

And sometimes you may feel like you have

lost your joy of your Christian Walk!!!!

But right behind those gray, dark clouds

is clear blue sky!!!!!

When everything seems to be going wrong

get your seatbelt on because there’s a blessing just on the horizon!!!

So many people think they have to wait to

get their problems ironed out before they

can serve the Lord!!!

But sinners listen, When I got right with God The sin question was settled.

You begin to think of that home that’s on

the rocks.

When Jean and I gave our lives to God

We stopped drinking the alcohol.

We stopped spending Friday and Saturday

nights at the bars and clubs playing devil music.

Our arguing and fighting stopped.

We gave up our worldly things

We begin to serve God.

We started getting up on Sunday morning.

and we Go now to worship God instead

of the devil.

Once you whole heartedly begin to serve God The troubles begin to be ironed out.

Once you start to pay your tithes,.

Your financial problems begin to work out.

And the next thing you know, you have

found complete happiness.

And all you want to do is work harder

for the Lord!!!!.


And The Closer you get to God

The better you feel!!!!!!!

We have to realize that we are guilty of

these sins of the flesh.

We are still flesh.

And we’re far from perfect.

Only Jesus Christ was perfect.

But we will be perfect one day,

when we receive that glorified body.

But until the returns, we’ll be fighting sin.

Like adultery, drinking, cheating, fornication,

gambling, smoking, lusting after the flesh

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