Summary: sermon for a wedding

Once upon a time

A fair maiden set of on a long journey down the coast of the south island in search of a brighter future.

She met many people upon her journey, and had many adventures

Meanwhile in the olden town of Christ church a young nobleman was tending to his MR2 it was a trusty steed but always in need of a good polish. Life was good for the young nobleman he came from good stock and was much sought after by some of the local ladies

The two met and fell in love..

Fairy tales end in happily ever after.

The prince gets the girl and they walk of into the sunset happily ever after.

But your story is just beginning.

But for you two this is just where your adventure begins

Your two stories have now become one.

One Journey produces adventure and excitement but your going to need to work out some things first

Your separate journeys to adventure are now one journey

Where do you want the story to go.

And because your two stories have become one you are going to need to work out the plot together,

Where you finish this adventure is dependant on what you both want out of the story and what your both prepared to put into the story

The art of compromise without loosing the plot.

In order for the story to work your going to need to compromise,

When it was your story you could go of and do what you wanted now you need to consider each others needs.

Checking back with the editor in chief.

Don’t forget the editor in chief, with out him it is really easy to loose the plot.

Your story will find meaning as part of God’s story

Remember your story is part of God’s story.

And you have spent months planning your wedding but you have the rest of your lives to perfect the story of your marriage

You have spent months and months preparing for your wedding

This is not the end, it’s only the beginning you have the rest of your lives to prefect your marriage

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