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Summary: This is the 6th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross".

Series: From The Cradle To The Cross [#6]


Matthew 3 (quickview) 


1. The subject of baptism is controversial.

2. Today we will look at 2 types of baptism- Water and Holy Spirit.

3. We will also look at some different beliefs concerning these and put them to the test of Scripture.

Matthew 3 (quickview) 

Baptism By Water

1. Which statement do you think is correct?

Ĉ Water baptism is required for salvation.

Ĉ Water baptism is not required for salvation.

2. John the Baptist was baptizing with water for repentance of sin; so why was Jesus baptized?

Ĉ Obedience to the Father regardless of what others thought.

Ĉ Symbolized His coming death, burial, and resurrection.

ƒà Was identified as God¡¦s Son by God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.

3. Why should Christians be baptized by water?

Ĉ Obedience to God regardless of what others think.

Ĉ Symbolizes spiritual death, burial, and resurrection through Jesus Christ.

Ĉ Identifies that person as a son or daughter of God.

4. A wedding ring symbolizes marriage; baptism symbolizes salvation.

5. Jesus Christ saves, not water.

Baptism By The Holy Spirit And Fire

1. Which statement do you think is corrects?

Ĉ Holy Spirit baptism is required for salvation.

Ĉ Holy Spirit baptism is not required for salvation.

2. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire.

3. Jesus¡¦ promise of Holy Spirit baptism.

Acts 1:1-5 (quickview) 

4. The moment a person is saved they receive the Holy Spirit.

5. Jesus came to baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Ĉ Fire revives us.

Ĉ Fire purifies us.

Ĉ Fire consumes us.


Ephesians 4:4-6 (quickview) 

1. If there is one baptism which is it? Holy Spirit baptism.

2. In order to have eternal life you must have Holy Spirit baptism.

Romans 10:9-13 (quickview) 

3. If you die from this earth without Christ as Savior you will burn for all eternity in the Lake of Fire.

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