Summary: The first Easter was One Fine day

One Fine Day

John 20:1-18

Easter Message 1998

I. A Startling Report

A. Mary finds the tomb empty

1. Mary goes to the tomb

a.) Mary was going to finish the burial preparation

1.) Jesus was given a royal burial – The time on Friday did not allow them to finish the work

2.) May had additional spices and ointments to add to Jesus’ body

b.) Mary was going to the tomb out of love

1.) This would be a difficult task: The body had been there for three days

2.) Mary was determined to finish this work for her Jesus

2. The tomb is empty

a.) Mary finds the tomb empty: This is a situation of excitement and distress

b.) Mary knows that she needs to go and tell the other what has happened

B. Mary returns to the disciples

1. Mary goes straight to the disciples

a.) Mary wanted to share the news

b.) Mary needed the support of the disciples

2. Peter and John go to see the tomb

a.) John arrives at the tomb first

b.) Peter enters the tomb and both see the grave clothes

c.) It almost seems that they do not understand what has happened

1.) Peter and John return to the rest of the disciples

2.) Mary is heartbroken and stays by the tomb

II. A Surprise Run –In

A. Mary encounters the angels

1. Mary sees the angels

a.) Angels appear where the body of Jesus had been

1.) Communicates the importance of the event

2.) Communicates the power of God being displayed

b.) Angels are there on behalf of God

2. The angels interact with Mary

a.) The question

1.) Angels ask “why are you crying?”

2.) The angels give confirmation that Jesus was raised from the dead

b.) Mary seems to miss the fact of these angels

B. Mary encounters Jesus

1. Mary doesn’t recognize Jesus – Why?

a.) Mary still believes that Jesus is dead

b.) Mary doesn’t even recognize Jesus’ voice

2. Jesus calls her by name

a.) Jesus speaks to her by name

b.) Jesus uses the simple to communicate His presence

3. Mary realizes it is Jesus

a.) Mary knows Jesus by the way He says her name

b.) Mary cries out – “teacher”

III. A Stunning Revelation

A. Mary is face to face with the risen Jesus

1. Mary turns to embrace Jesus

a.) There is great joy in this moment

b.) Mary is completely overcome

2. Jesus keeps her from holding Him

a.) This would seem to be a long embrace

1.) Jesus needs Mary to deliver His message

2.) Jesus is helping Mary regain control of her emotions

b.) Jesus tells her to go

1.) Jesus sends Mary back to the disciples

2.) His message

 Jesus states that He was going to return to the Father

 The time that He would remain with them was short

B. Mary returns to the disciples a second time

1. Mary again delivers news

a.) Repeating her previous trip

b.) The situation that began with heartache and pain ends with joy and celebration

2. Mary shares good news

a.) Mary says – “I have seen the Lord!”

b.) Mary shares all that Jesus told her

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