Summary: Even small things can make a big difference with the power of Christ working through them

One Little Lunch

Matthew 14:13-21

March 17, 2002


"A man was packing a shipment of food contributed by a school for the poor people of Appalachia. He was separating beans from powdered milk, and canned vegetables from canned meats. Reaching into a box filled with various cans, he pulled out a little brown paper sack. Apparently one of the pupils had brought something different from the items on the suggested list. Out of the paper bag fell a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. Crayoned in large letters was a little girl’s name, ’Christy -- Room 104’. She had given up her lunch for some hungry person."

One little lunch made a difference. One little lunch touched lives

Small things in the hands of Christ can accomplish amazing things. This morning I want to examine a familiar story and see how Jesus can use the small things of life to do great things

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I. With Jesus, nothing is impersonal

A. Jesus wanted to get away

1. The exhaustion was real

a.) The drain of the constant ministry was taking its toll

b.) The drain of the continuous travel was wearing Him down

2. The emotions were raw

a.) Jesus had recently tried to minister in Nazareth and was rejected

b.) Jesus had just been told the news of John the Baptist’s death

c.) Jesus needed some time to be alone and so He withdrew

B. Jesus acted with compassion

1. Jesus saw the crowd

a.) Jesus could have traveled on or sent the crowds away. Instead, He landed and met them

b.) Jesus saw them and saw their need

2. Jesus showed compassion

a.) Jesus had compassion on these people. Literally His heart was moved to action when He saw their pain and suffering

b.) Jesus healed the sick: he restored their health and renewed their hope

II. With Jesus, nothing is insignificant

A. Jesus starts small

1. The disciples had very little food

a.) 5 loaves and 2 fish

1.) Our misconception – These were large loaves of bread and prize catch of fish

2.) The reality – These were small biscuits and fish the size of sardines

b.) Jesus had a plan

1.) Bring it to me

2.) Jesus tells all of the people to sit down

2. Jesus had the right attitude

a.) He thanked the Father

1.) Notice: Jesus thanked the Father for His provision, even though it was no where near enough

2.) Everything that comes to us in life is because the Father has provided it

b.) He divided the meal

1.) Jesus trusts the father to make His provision be enough

2.) Jesus reveals the power of the Father

B. Jesus finished BIG

1. Everyone ate until they were full

a.) The ultimate buffet

1.) The people ate until they were done

2.) This must have been an amazing event

b.) Jesus brings satisfaction

1.) Jesus satisfies the hungry heart

2.) The satisfaction Jesus brings is full, gracious and complete

2. The leftovers were great

a.) Ill: Some leftovers are better

b.) The leftovers were amazing

1.) Jesus started out with 5 biscuits and 2 sardines

2.) Jesus ends the meal with 12 baskets full of broken pieces. Wow!

III. With Jesus, nothing is impossible

A. Jesus makes the impossible possible

1. Jesus feeds everyone with one little lunch

a.) Jesus can take something that seems insignificant and turn it into a blessing

b.) Jesus can make the ordinary and do the extraordinary

2. This was a wow moment

a.) Remember a time in your life, when God worked and you were just amazed. Those are the wow moments of life

b.) As the disciples passed out that bread and fish, it multiplied before their eyes. This was a wow moment.

B. Jesus lets nothing go to waste

1. Jesus teaches some valuable lessons

a.) Never underestimate God

b.) Never doubt God’s ability to provide in BIG ways

2. Nothing is wasted

a.) There is no such thing as waste with Jesus

b.) Jesus can turn the broken pieces of your life into blessings


1. The simple reality

a.) One little lunch satisfied many

b.) One little lunch made a difference

c.) One little lunch revealed the power of God

d.) One little lunch changed lives

e.) One little lunch strengthen people’s faith

2. What about you?

a.) What does Jesus want to do in your life?

In this moment, Christ is speaking – calling some just to follow, some to trust and believe, some to obey

b.) How can He use you?

If Jesus can use one little lunch to do so much, what can He do with your entire life?

c.) How can Christ use the broken pieces of your life?

Christ lets nothing go to waste. Why not allow Him to have the “wasted portions of your life? Let him take what appears to be broken and useless and turn it into a blessing

Jesus is calling “let’s do lunch”

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