Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Following the resurrection, Jesus made many appearances. This message will look at three people Jesus appeared to after his resurrection. Mary Magdalene,Thomas and Peter

John 20:11-18, 20-29; 21:14-19

The Resurrection of Jesus was announced in many different ways. By angelic beings, an earthquake, a moved stone, and by words. However, there were a few Christ followers who needed extra attention to recognize what had really happened. Jesus goes the extra distance to bring them back to faith in him.

ILL: Popularity on one on one evangelism!

Ill: When I was in the Marine Corps I was horrible at marching and the Drill Instructors pulled me out to give me some "one on one" attention.

Ill: People pay huge amounts of money to improve the golf swing or go to a basketball, baseball clinic.

I. We first meet Mary Magdalene! John 20:11-18 MARY NEEDED ENCOURAGEMENT TO GO FROM BEING SENTIMENTAL TO PRACTICAL. Mary is heart broken and wants to hold Jesus! She had a horrible life before she met Jesus-7 demons! She has been there through thick and thin and now that she recognizes Jesus -she does not want to let him go!

Mary is very sentimental and wants to hold on to the past and what she knows!

Jesus however has a more practical task for her -he tells her to go tell the disciples and more specific Peter.

Application: We need to have a practical faith that does more than hang on to the past and loved ones!

Jesus warned a young man to let the dead bury the dead-meaning let the spiritual dead use excuses to not follow me.

We must do something practical with our pain and loss!

Ill: MSgt Ensminger fought congress and Marine Corps to provide health care for those who had been exposed to contaiminated drinking water at Camp LeJeune. He put his sorrow and anger to work for a good cause and we should do the same in the name of Christ.


Thomas started out as a rock, but lost faith in the shadow of disappointment.

The difference in Thomas' doubt and the doubt of others was that Thomas wanted to believe!

He was not being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn.

We should always use apologetics to help people who are struggling with doubt.

On the road to Emmaus Jesus used the Hebrew Bible to help open the eyes of the two disciplies.

III. The third person that Jesus visits one on one with is Peter! PETER NEEDS FORGIVENESS TO GO FROM FAILURE TO LEADER

He goes fishing and fails at fishing, like he failed in the upper room, in the garden, and during the arrest. Yet Jesus loves him and restores him to effective ministry. Rather than belittle him he simply asked him, "do you love me?"

Conclusion: Max Lucado's story of Eric Hill -Eric sister did all she could to be with him and Jesus has done all he can to be with us!

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