Summary: One + One is a completely different equation when we hook up with God. Adapted from a John C. Maxwell Sermon.

One + One=?

Stewardship: The Missing Piece of Successful Living

January 26, 2003 FBC, Chester, IL Mike Fogerson, Speaker



Arguably the greatest influencer for Christ in the 19th century was D.L. Moody. (A layman, not an ordained clergy)

A Henry Varley quote that changed D.L. Moody’s life forever. "The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully consecrated to God!"

B D.L. Moody was one of those guys whose availability was greater than his ability.

(Show the power of what happens when we link up with God.)

a D.L. Moody was born in 1837 in North Ridge, Mass. (Poor, father died at the age of 41 leaving his family very poor, the creditors took everything even the firewood.)

*So poor that when the mother took the children to church, she made them walk to church holding their shoes and sox, and before they entered the church then the kids could put on the their shoes.

b D.L. Moody became a great salesman. Top shoe salesman in the east.

*D.L. was lead to the Lord in the back of a shoe store by a Sunday School teacher, Mr. Kimmbel. (D.L. spoke to over 100 million people about Christ. What kind of reward do you think that S.S. teacher got in heaven?)

*D.L Moody wasn’t the "sharpest" tool in the shed. Illiterate, couldn’t speak well.

c D.L. wanted to join the church, flunked the membership class. (You don’t flunk membership classes!)

*2nd year, they let him join even though he was incredibly illiterate.

d At the age of 30, he decided he would sell his shoe business and serve God full time as a layman. (Church tried to persuade him other wise.)

*D.L. Moody spoke at his church and after his talk was approached by two men. One a deacon and he said, "I think you could best serve God by remaining silent for the rest of your life."

*The other man said, "You have bad grammar." D.L Moody said, "I notice you good grammar." "Yes I do" the man replied. "What are you doing for God?"

e He went to Dublin, Ireland and was sitting on bench when he heard Henry Varley say the quote in your bulletin.

D.L. Moody’s book, he wrote down his response.

"He said a man. He didn’t say a great man learned man smart man. He just simply said "a man." I’m a man. And it lies within me whether I will or will not make this full consecration to God. I will do my best to be that man."

One + One doesn’t equal ONE when we link up with God.

Text: Acts 3:

Story of Peter and John going to the temple to pray at 3:00.

T.S.: Let’s look at 7 or 8 things/type that God uses to bless. What kind of people does God link up in partnership with?

1 People who are doing the right things. (vv:1)

A It’s 3:00 p.m. and the people are going to the temple to pray. (Doing the right thing.)

a People all the time say, "I want God to use me."

*Obey God, do the right things. (He’ll bring the right people, at the right time, right reason, right ministry.)

b Ever notice those people who just float by? They may have been going to church for years...but they just float by.

*Others that move, grove, God blesses. Why? They are doing the right thing. Not doing spectacular things, exciting things, sensational things. Work Hard, Love God, Family, Church, Bible, Pastor...doing the right things. God can use that person!!!

2 People who are willing to be interrupted. (vv:2/3) God uses people who love people.

A Peter and John are going to church and get stopped in the foyer.

a Ever met someone who doesn’t like people?

*Charlie Brown "I love mankind,’s people I can’t stand."

b God uses people who love people. (Put people above...policy, programs, procedure. Jesus died for PEOPLE. This world will one day pass, the only thing that remain will be PEOPLE.)

3 People who pay attention to needs. (vv:4) Peter and John saw this man needed something.

A Did Peter and John have needs of their own? (Absolutely.)

a Givers don’t have less needs than others, they’ve just decided that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

b Givers don’t concentrate on themselves. Concentrate on others.

What could have Pete and John said?

"We’d love to help, but were going to church to pray." Ever met someone so heavenly minded their of no earthly.

*Prayer is the biggest cop out for so many Christians. "I’m praying about sharing my faith. Praying about tithing. Praying about serving in a ministry position at my church." *love you.....for some of you, the best thing you could do is get of your prayer closet and start meeting peoples needs through your church.

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