Summary: Understanding and applying spiritual gifts so as the audience understand the zeal of the Lord - Rom. 12.

x MArks the SPot - Rom 12:1-11

I put 4 clues in envelopes around the auditorium and went on a clue hunt and got people to find the clue and read it

X truth 1 - first clue in envelope

’are you willing to give up in order to move on?’

Gift Exchange

v.1 Give your body/mond to God

v.3 God gives more Grace and faith

X truth 2 - clue 2 ’the treasure is not found in a title but in discovering who you are’


v.4. function over title

v.5 Unity over Individualism

v.6 Diversity over Conformity

x truth 3 - clue 3 ’the treasure is finding joy in serving’

GiFT Utilization

1. If.....then......

2. Note the adjectives in passage

x truth 4 - The Discovery

clue 4 - service =zeal

v.11 never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual

fervor, serving the Lord.


Focused on the presentation of oneself as a living sacrifice - the key to effective and zealous service v.1.

Closed in prayer and played the symphony of Mr Holland from Mr Holland’s Opus - see illustrations

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