6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Jesus, salvation, commitment


John 14:6 (p764) June 3, 2012


Have you ever heard the expression…”It’s My Way or the Highway!

My Dad use to say it a little differently….”The one who owns the house makes the rules for the house!

Rules are different than Opinions.

Let me give you an example.

It’s my opinion that it’s better to put 1 sock on and then 1 shoe…and then the other sock on and the other shoe…

You say, that’s stupid…put both socks on, then put both shoes on…that’s a much better method in my opinion.

Now we can argue about opinions…I’ll tell you with one shoe and sock on I can hop around if it’s wet…keeping dry…If I get interrupted with a fire…you say two socks keep your feet warm…both feet warm…”

We can argue….but it’s just an opinion.

Rules are different…

Imagine a little league baseball team of six and seven-year olds learning how to play the game. Having once been a six year-old eager to play the game and having coached little league, I know that many six and seven-year olds would rather just play the game than learn how.

Now can you picture one imaginative player who thinks he has found a better way to play the game? This little guy stands at the plate and manages to get the bat to hit the ball. Immediately he jumps on home plate and yells “Home run! Home run!”

Meanwhile the fielder throws the ball to first base and the umpire calls the imaginative player out. The little guy bravely stands up to the umpire and says, “I’m not out, I got on home base before they did. I got a home run.”

The umpire says, “I’m sorry slugger, but you have to run all the bases to get a home run. The rules say “you’re out.”

“That’s what they told me, the imaginative player responds, but I decided it’s too hard that way. My way I get a home run every time and never get out!”

Unfortunately every generation of little leaguers must learn to play the game BY THE RULES. Now if that’s how it works in baseball, what makes us think it would be any different making our way to our eternal home in heaven? Just like baseball players must run the bases to get home, God has established a specific path we all must follow.

Kair and I went to Chicago a few weeks ago, via Indianapolis…we had an awesome time together…and before we went we ran a MapQuest…it gave us 3 options to get to Chicago...”the shortest, the quickest, and the most scenic.”

We chose the shortest…but we could have picked one of the other two routes. They were options…opinions. Life is filled with options…opinions (1 sock 1 shoe people driving the scenic route and 2 sock people choosing the quickest)

But something’s aren’t opinions…and unlike a trip down the road to Chicago, our journey to heaven has only one road…One Way. As Jeff shared last week…every other way is a “Dead End” even if it seems right to the one who’s chosen it.

Let me share with you the unmistakable “One Way” claims of Jesus concerning the road to heaven.


Earlier Jesus painted a picture of the destination…and I think this is absolutely essential for us…If you don’t know where you’re going…or if you really want to go there…then the trip is useless.

I had to go to the doctor’s office the other day…I knew where it was and I knew how to get there, but I wasn’t really excited about the destination…”All right…I can’t wait to have that MRI!”

But when Kari and I went on the cruise for our 30th anniversary…I knew where we were headed…I knew who I got to be with and I was “pumped” I couldn’t wait to get there with her ( or take the trip with her!).

Jesus never mentions the word heaven…but calls it “My Father’s House” and the given word translated “rooms” or “Mansions” means “abide” or “Roman” …it’s a permanent residence…not a temporary shelter…It’s your home…not a hotel.

It’s an invitation to something secure and very good…. The disciples have just heard Jesus tell them good-bye….In absolutely somber tones he’s said “I’m leaving…and where I’m going you cannot come, at least for now…you’ll follow me later.

Peter…. (Oh, Peter) jumps into this somber goodbye with….”Lord, why can’t I follow you….I’d die for you!”

Jesus says, “Really Peter…before tomorrow is welcomed when the rooter’s crow you’ll deny that you even know me 3 times.

[Folks I’ve been in many rooms where the doctor announces cancer…where the air is sucked out of the conversation and things get serious and quite…]

The upper room’s serious and quiet…and then Jesus says…”don’t let this throw you. You trust God don’t you? Trust me…There’s plenty of room for you in my Father’s house. If that weren’t so I would have told you…I’m leaving now to get your rooms ready…and then I’ll come back and get you so we can live there together…and you already know the road I’m taking.”

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