Summary: Teach the power of one life, using the life of moses as the example. Build an awareness that each of us has value and that we may need to actually do something to recognise our own value or to help others see their value.

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{Desire: Motivating Factors what is going to help people make a change, motivation/consequence}

Look at the story from the characters perspectives,

No matter where you are you are in life you have a past, you have a history that helps define who you are and

why you see the world the way you do. Each of our stories is very different and yet we are share things in

common. We all go through seasons in life and our response to those seasons will determine the future course

of our life.

I have had quite a bit to do with Compassion, which is a child sponsorship organisation that is freeing children

from poverty, and they do an amazing job. They focus on holistic development of the child to provide them with

the opportunity so many of us take for granted. What is done with that opportunity is then up to the child and

the family.

Some children use the opportunity to change not only their lives but the lives of their children, breaking the cycle

of poverty. Others unfortunately do not and they drift back into the statistics of humanity.

The population of the world is growing, can one life really make a difference?

Can you really make a difference?

Can you change the world?

No matter the phase of life, amount of money or education can your life matter ?

Are you young? You’re not too young.

Are you old? You’re not too old.

Are you sick? Don’t waste the breaths you have left.

Today we are going to look at a life that was never meant to matter .

We are going to examine the factors involved and the choices made by those involved . This is very important to

catch, we are not just going to look at the outcome of a great life , with a perfect start or just at the person who

changed history. We are going to look at the ordinary people involved in an extraordinary story.

Thinking that you can change the world will lead to pride .

Believing you can never do anything is undervaluing yourself and mocking God as creator .

So what is the answer?

Well simply we will look at a life that did change the world and investigate how this person was used by an

infinitely powerful creator to change the course of history. It is not us that has the ability to change the world but

we are a valuable vessel that is a holy temple for the very presence of God that can and wants to change the

world to achieve His will . God has things he wants to do, and if you want to get on board he will do them through


We are going to look at a few aspects of one of the greatest men in the Old Testament, and that is Moses . It

can’t be denied that his life was significant , it mattered, his life altered the course of a nation and the history of

the entire world.

Before you think that this doesn’t apply to you, and start making excuses like

“I’m never going to change a nation , I can’t even change my own bad habits ”

“This type of thing is good for others, but you don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t know what

I’ve done. I’m too old, too young, too sick to whatever”

You may even get spiritual with me and say that we are not all called to change the world, “I just follow

Jesus, my life is all the testimony that is required, I’m shining my light in my world by just living a good

life and people will just know that I’m different and maybe in 10 years someone may ask why I’m

different and then it will be my chance”

Problem is when it comes you will probably miss it because you are not accustomed to sharing your faith

and you will not know what to do when given the opportunity. “Well the Holy Spirit will speak for me” I

say maybe but if you have not made preparing to share the gospel a priority when the opportunity

comes the Holy Spirit will have nothing to bring to your mind to say because you are a dry well.

And to some extent I agree, not everyone is called to be the key world changer, or more accurately

to be the one seen as leading the ministry. But as Paul points out 1 Corinthians 12 we as believers are a

body and each member of the body has a role to fulfil . Each role in the body enables the

body to change the world . So you are called to be a world changer , if

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