Summary: Intro. The Bridegroom here rejoices in the woman He loves; and He emphasizes the fact of her dissimilarity (unlikeness) from, and her superiority to, all others.

Intro. The Bridegroom here rejoices in the woman He loves; and He emphasizes the fact of her dissimilarity (unlikeness) from, and her superiority to, all others.

A. She is not to be considered as others, but so far removed from all, and so much

greater than they, as to be utterly unapproachable.

1. She stands alone in her class.

B. He sets her far above all queens, all concubines and all virgins.

C. So is the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ, compared with the institutions of the world, many of them claiming a right to the title "church," yet none of them being ale to establish Divine origin.

D. The S.O.S. shows Solomon’s love and desire to a Shulamite virgin figurative of Christ’s love and desire to His virgin New Testament churches.

I. There are Threescore Queens. V.8

A. I think of these as organizations and institutions in the world.

1. Many are worthy and commendable in the scope of their ministrations.

2. But never to be compared with the church, which Jesus Christ established on earth 2000 years ago.

B. There are Lodges, Brotherhoods, and Fraternal orders of men, many lay claim

to being founded upon the Bible.

1. But we cannot attribute to these man-made organizations such origin, honor or authority as that of a New Testament church.

C. All these institutions and organizations together can never do the work of, nor take the place of our Lord’s churches.

1. Many think other organizations are just as important.

2. Some think that it is just as right to be a faithful members of some Lodge, as it is to be born again and hold membership in a New Testament church.

II. There are "Fourscore Concubines." V. 8 A concubine is a woman, who, though not legally a wife, lives with a man, and has a recognized position in his household. (it is whoredom}

A. Jesus has never practiced spiritual concubinage.

B. These man-made organizations try to hold the position and authority in His household, which is the brides alone.

C. He will not allow his bride to share His favor with spiritual harlots.

III. There are Virgins Without Number. V. 8 Virginity is a state of moral purity, a state of undefilement.

A. Man-made organizations and institutions may stand for…

1. Clean living.

2. Nobel ideas.

3. General human betterment.

B. But they do not, they cannot fill the place, nor perform the service to which Jesus has appointed His one and only love, his church.

C. Queens, concubines, virgins, you can find plenty of them, but none are like His chosen one. ONLY ONE BRIDE

D. They all have their origin an ordinary man.

1. Only a true New Testament church can claim its beginning under the personal ministry of Jesus Christ.

IV. My Dove, My Undefiled Is But One. V.9

A. There are many concubine churches in the world.

1. They draw from Christ’s blessings.

2. Nourish themselves with His spiritual food.

3. Use His name.

4. Claim His authority, but have never been betrothed.

B. Paul said to the Corinth church II Cor. 11:2 "For I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ."

C. The Bridegroom declares "My dove, is but one:"

1. Jesus has only one bride Eph. 4:4 "There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;"

2. She is distinctive in her origin. Matt 16:18

a. Jesus is her Founder, she is the only one He founded. S.O.S. 6:9 "My dove, My undefiled is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her,"

3. She is distinctive in her ordinances, she has only two, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

4. She is distinctive in her doctrine, If its in the Bible, then its Baptist doctrine, and if its Baptist doctrine you can find it in the Bible.

5. She is distinctive in her responsibility.

a. She alone is the custodian of the faith. Jn. 17:8, 14 "For I have given unto them thy Words which thou hast given me."

b. II Tim. 3:15

c. It is given to her to preach the gospel, baptize believers and teach the "all thing" which He has commanded.

6. She is distinctive in her promised security, all of the combined forces of Satan have not been able to destroy her, and never will.

a. Jesus guaranteed her perpetuity, Matt. !6:18 "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

7. She is distinctive in her ultimate destiny.

a. I love the church of which I am a member.

b. I believe she is a church of Jesus Christ.

c. I believe she has a mission and a message from above.

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