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Summary: The Deity Of Christ.

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TEXT: MT. 27:45, 51-54

TOPIC: Calvary

THEME: The Deity Of Christ



1. On a skull shaped hill, outside a city wall, two thousands years ago, man murdered his maker. They had falsely accused him. They had given him a phony trial. They took him out to Calvary’s hill and nailed him to a cross of wood.

2. Someone would surely expect that if Jesus was who He claimed to be, the eternal, non-created, self-existing, second person of the God-head; there would have been some demonstrations of His deity at Calvary.

3. Since the New York City tragedy, people from all walks of life have been taking a long, hard, look at Christanity and Islam. Many people advocate that there are many ways to paradise or to eternal life. However, the Bible teaches that there is only one way to eternal life and that way is found only in Jesus Christ.

4. On the day that Jesus Christ died, there were many miracles that proved He was the Son of God. Each of these miracles teach lessons about who Jesus is and what He desire to do in our lives.


Jesus reached out from Calvary and touched the sun. There was darkness over the land from the 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm. There was darkness from Dan to Beersheba.

The sun had gotten up that morning like it had done 12,235 times before since Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The sun got up that morning like it had done before and said, “ I wonder what Jesus will do today? I saw Him cleanse a leper yesterday. I saw Him raise a dead man a few days ago. I wonder what he will do today.”

Yet, on this day, when the sun gazed down from the sky, it saw man nailing Jesus to a tree. So, it hid it blushing face in shame. Indeed, this was a mighty miracle. As Jesus reached out from Calvary, he snuffed out the sun. The sun is a mighty burning star in space. The sun is two billion, billion, billion tons of mass. Jesus simply reached out a snuffed it out like a candle.

For three long hours, men and women crept around their homes with candles in their hands. They shook in their shoes. They thought the end of the world had come to them. It was darkness like the darkness that came over Egypt. It was a horrible darkness that could be felt. Throughout all of the country, men and women trembled in the dark.

People had said to Jesus, “Give us a sign from heaven and we will believe you.” When He was born, Jesus put a new star in the heavens; when He died he snuff out the sun. Then, when it was over, Jesus turned the light back on again.

Jesus said that He was the light of the world. If you kill him then you are snuffing out the light of the world. Jesus is like the light. Light can never be defiled. Light can fall on the most disease ridden object and still not be defiled. Light can expose but not be defiled.

Light is constant. Jesus never changes.

The law of Relativity: Einstein made the law of relativity famous with the formula: E=Mc2.

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