Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A look at what happens when we step outside of God’s plans (Abraham), and when our lives get messed up by others (Hagar).

Genesis 16:1-16 – Only the Lonely

We see Abraham wanting to have a God-promised child,

but taking the matter into his own hands to make sure it happened.

At his wife’s advice, Abraham slept with his wife’s maidservant, Hagar.

She got pregnant and created some problems for herself.

Abraham let Sarah send Hagar away.

This chapter shows what becomes of…

1) Usurpers - i.e. Abraham

That means someone who undermines someone else’s authority,

as in Abraham trying to take things into his own hands.

Abraham didn’t wait for God to follow through on His promise.

Some thoughts about usurping God’s authority…

a) it’s the world’s way of doing things (v2).

b) it’s often because of our lack of patience (v2).

c) it leads to suffering (v5).

d) it has far-reaching consequences (v12).

2) Outcasts - i.e. Hagar

Understand: part of it is her own fault (v4).

But not all of it.

The father of her child and her “employer” rejected her.

How does God treat the rejected?

a) He doesn’t always fix the situation (v9, cf. Gen.21:8-13).

b) He promises eternal hope,

despite enduring difficulties (v10).

c) He sees everything you go through (v13).

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