Summary: If God can open our spiritual eyes to see from the inside out the beginning and the end of our situation we will know the right step to take and we will have more confident in Him and won’t have to worry much.

Am sure some of us will be wondering why we need God to open our eyes when we haven’t close them or when we are not blind. I believe as Christians God has given us physical eye to see in the physical realm and He can give us spiritual eyes to see in the spiritual realm .

Ephesians 1:18 says “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,”

The above verse is an indication that there is another eye that is totally different from our natural eyes. The verse also elaborated more on the need to have our eyes of understanding enlightened so that we may know the hope of his calling. This tells us that many of us have been called without knowing the hope of his calling. Rom 8:28 made us underrated that people are called according to the purpose of God. My question is, do you know the purpose for which you have been called by God? I believe you can know this if the eyes of your understanding is opened.


spiritual eye is the eye that sees spiritual realities. The natural eye sees natural realities, but there is more to life than the natural realities we see around us . I believe one of the challenges most believers are facing today is that of spiritual blindness which is our inability to see spiritual things. Some of us may be going through circumstances that needs divine intervention but we don’t seems to be getting anywhere with our concerns because we cannot see any solutions at the moment. If God can open our spiritual eyes to see from the inside out the beginning and the end of our situation we will know the right step to take and we will have more confident in Him and we won’t have to worry much.

Spiritual blindness is like been in total darkness and not been aware of the situation around us spiritually. In the book of 2 Kings 6:17 Elisha prayed that God should open the eyes of his servant to to see the angel surrounding them and God did and the servant put his trust and hope in God. The servant couldn’t see beyond his limitation until God open his spiritual eyes.

In number 22:1-39 we read about how Balak invited Balaam to come and curse the people of Israel. Balak knew that Balaam is one of the powerful prophet in his time an whatsoever he cursed shall be cursed . As God did not want Balaam to go and curse the people because they have been blessed by God , He sent His angel to change the direction of Balaam’s donkey to prevent him from going to Balak. The donkey was going in the direction of God but Balaam could not understated why the donkey was going in that direction because Balaam was experiencing spiritual blindness. Until God finally opened the spiritual eyes of Balaam that he saw the angel that was directing the Donkey to another direction. This shows that no matter how long we have been a believer, no matter how much scripture we know , no matter how many miracles we have performed and no matter what our position and title is, it is still possible for us to experience spiritual blindness.


1. For direction: (Numbers 22: 1.39) This can be physical direction or direction before taking a decision regarding career, marriage, jobs, churches, or friendship.

2. To pray targeted prayer: (Romans 8:26-27) Once our spiritual eyes is opened we will be able to pray the right prayer for the right situation.

3. To see new opportunities: (Gen 21:15-19) It is possible to be surrounded by great opportunities without seeing them. just like Hagar was surrounded by well of water and until God opened her eyes she couldn’t see it.

4. To reveal the secret of the enemy: it will be a good thing to see the secret of the enemy so we can pray targeted prayers.

5. To see the wonder working power of God: Psalm 119:18

6. To Build our hope in God: God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant and his hope and confident in God was risen


1. Possibility of Wasted effort and stagnancy

2. Failure and Missed opportunities

3. Possibility of Praying amiss

4. Possibility of going towards the wrong direction

5. Lost hope

6. Possibility of making Wrong decision


• God can decide to open or not to open our spiritual eyes. 2 Kings 6:18-20

• sin can also cause our spiritual eye to be blind just like Balaam

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Martin Lukorito

commented on Jun 6, 2021

This is very impressive. May God open our eyes to see the wonders he does around us. Amen

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