Summary: What happens with Divinity,and humanity unite.

Opened Eyes, and Burning Hearts.

Unaware of the reality of the resurrection of Christ, two men embarked on a two hour journey, that was interrupted by the son of God himself. They spake as if he were just another prophet, and believed as if he were still dead, all the while, he stood right by their side. The Bible says their eyes were "holden" and they did not know him. The word "Holden" comes from the greek word KRATEO, which means something supernatural held them from knowing who Christ was. After hearing the annointed words of this "Stranger", they were captivated by his intelligence, and "constrained" him to enter into their abode. "Constrained" demonstrates their desperation to receieve more from this man. Shortly after, he received an invite to "THE TABLE". As seen in previous scriptures, being asked to the table, always demonstrated an intimate act between God, and Man. John rested his head on Jesus’ bosom at The TABLE. Jesus Gave the communion commands at the TABLE. David said "thou preparest a TABLE". Tradition, would notion us to not invite a stranger to our table. But these disciples, put away the formalities, and began to break bread, with Jesus. NOTICE, at the moment that Jesus handed them the bread, supernatural changes were wrought in their lives...what happened?

I.Divinity communed with Humanity.

A. Perhaps the disciples recognized the hands that passed them the bread that day. Or maybe they saw the nail-scars..But something about the way Jesus handed the bread caused them to be changed.

1.Jesus said "I am the bread of Life"..and the TRUE "Bread of Heaven".

2.Anytime we are handed bread, typifying refreshment, from the hands of God, we are never the same. Bread from heaven always brings forth Change.

II. Divinity Changed Humanity.

A.Two things happend when Jesus handed them the bread..

1."And their Eyes were opened, and they knew him". The "Opened eyes", in this scripture, denotes "FRESH REVELATION". Real revelation can only come when in communion with Divinity. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE OPENED EYES WHEN YOU HAVE OPEN FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD.

2.Also, They said "Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked with us, and opened the scriptures". The "Burning hearts" denotes "Fresh desires". It was only when The word of God was spoken that they received a heart set ablaze. ALL Fire starts with the Word.

III.Divnity inspired humanity.

A."And they Rose up the Same hour and Returned to Jerusalem". These disciples had an experience with Jesus. Once they recieved opened eyes, and burning hearts..they had the inspiration to communicate that experience. Preachers,and prophets today, need divine inspiration from a personal experience with God for the furtherment of their ministries.

Conclusion: In this era that we live today, Their is a need for communion with God. We should invite God to the table of our hearts..and through prayer, have open communion with him daily. THROUGH his communion we can receive supernatural changes, that open our eyes with FRESH REVELATION. And Set us ablaze with "Burning Hearts".

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