Summary: four wells that Isaac had to dig are the four stages in our walk with God. See how each well we dig is a step to the next level with God

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Intro: years ago we had a man in our church who had a business of drilling wells for people. Here are a few things I learned about well drilling.

the deeper the well, the more it will cost you

the deeper the well, the cooler the water

the deeper the well, the greater the abundance

the deeper the well, the higher the quality

A story in the Word of God that is very significant is about digging wells. Abraham had to dig some wells, and in Genesis we find that Isaac had to dig some wells. Today, we can learn a lot about our walk with God in the message:

Opening The Wells of God

Genesis 26: 1-34

background: During a famine time Isaac finds himself in the city of Gerar, a land of the Philistines, during the time of the reign of King Abimelech. During his time in this land the Lord prospered him to the point that the King asked him to move on. As he moved, he had his servants dig wells. This is the story of those four wells, and how they apply to our lives.

I. You can’t live off the last generations wells--v.15 In this case Abraham’s wells were all filled in. The last generations wells may have been good for them, but many times that generation’s water is either dried up, or filled in.

II. Enemies love filling in Wells-v.15b you need to realize every day that the enemy hates your well. The enemy knows that the living water is life to you. So every day the enemy will look for ways to fill in your wells.

The devil will do anything to stop the flow of God’s Spirit in your life.

III. Open the Wells--v.18-you have to be more determined to open the wells than the devil is to fill them in. If you have a great desire for the water, you will have a great determination to dig. One of the main reasons for the lack of power, anointing of the Spirit of God in our lives, is our desire isn’t great enough to put the effort that it takes to reach God’s best. The devil throws a lot of stuff in the well, for you to get to what God has for you, you have got to empty your well of everything but God.

IV. The Four Wells---the meanings of the names of these four wells serve as an encouragement to us to keep pressing on with God. We see every new well has a great meaning, a greater level with God.

Esek--Well of contention-v.20 this is the first well that must be opened in our walk with God. It is the place where we contend with the enemy. It is the place of early struggles in our lives. It is the place where every day seems to be a battle, living for God seems to be a task, and sometimes discouragement seems to weigh us down. But the news is, God doesn’t want us to stay as Esek anyway. In the midst of the battle, God moves us on, and we open a new well.

Sitnah-The well of Separation-v.21 Sitnah is a great well, that every Christian has to open in life. It is called enmity between us and the world. The world hates us, so we dig the well of separation. It is a hard well to dig, it is a stepping out with God. Away from any comfort zone, it is a moving to another level. Things get left behind, there are struggles here, just like at Esek, but at this place we tell the Devil, we declare war on you at this well. You may have filled up our wells before, but you will never fill them up again.

Rehoboth-v.22 The Well of Room-- the Lord has made room for us. The Lord has enlarged us, He will cause us to be fruitful here. This is a well of maturity, it is the well of those who have made it through many struggles, and now God has made room for them.

"If you will make room for God in your life, God will make room for you." Rehoboth is the place where you get up for another day of struggle, only to find that you have grown to the place where you walk in victory instead of defeat. Instead of the enemy moving you, you have moved the enemy.

God has enlarged you, where everywhere you go becomes Holy ground. You can’t get to this place without Esek, without Sitnah. Many people never reach this place because they give up or burn out in the struggles of opening wells. Today, keep digging, keep believing

God’s promises for your life. If you will press on, if you will live by faith, you will arrive at Rehoboth.

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