Summary: Many today are broken by sin and bound by guilt. How are we to respond?



INTRODUCTION: Here is a touching passage with a tremendous word. It is an admonition and a commandment. Not only does He want to redeem the lost, He wants to restore the saved. All of us, at times, have fallen. Many today are broken by sin and bound by guilt. How are we to respond?


Take note here:

A. Observation “If someone is caught in a sin.” That means one overtaken by sin. Christians do mess up! Caught here also means detected or surprised. It’s in the passive voice. It implies suddenly entrapped or discovered in a situation or act. Whether a real or imagined situation it was disrupting one’s relationship with God and fellowship with others.

Think about the great Biblical characters that fell and needed to be restored.

Moses murdered. Peter denied. David lusted. John Mark quit. All needed to be restored.

B. Application “Restore”. This means to put in order. Restore to its former condition. The idea is that of setting a broken bone. I’ve had both of my wrists broken. When I went to the doctor, he could have done any number of things. He could have shot me, lectured me, ignored me or just amputated my hands! Isn’t that what we do so often with those who have fallen? He did none of those – he restored them by resetting them and they mended.

C. Qualification There is only one qualification – “You who are spiritual.” That means saved and spirit filled. If we’re not interested in restoration, we tell off on ourselves!


How is this to be done?

A. Gently The last thing the fallen need is a harsh, critical, self-righteous snob! Yet, that is all many find. See Matt. 7:3-5.

B. Humbly “Consider yourself”. Do you want people to deal with you the way you deal with them? Remember we reap what we sow.

C. Sympathetically See v.2 – “burdens”. It means an oppressive weight. It is the burden you can’t carry by yourself.


Take note of the words “fulfill the law of Christ.” What is this law? See Gal. 5:14. The motive is love! A healthy church helps mend broken lives.


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