Summary: A message about the restoring of a fallen brother or sister in Christ.

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“Operation Restoration”

(Gal. 6:1-5)

Good morning! Great to be with you as we break open God’s word to see what He has in store for us today. I’m reminded daily of God’s blessing and faithfulness to me and my family and it’s my heart’s desire to be faithful to him in what He has called me to do in proclaiming His word. I would just like to say that the work of a minister of the gospel today is one of great difficulty I have found out in these 2 and a half years I’ve been in the ministry. There are so many issues and so many things that happen in people’s lives that make it hard to know just what to say at times.

I’ve found out that some of the things I’ve said in the pulpit people just don’t like (and they’ve let me know it). But I told the Lord when I surrendered to preach that I would always take my call seriously and I’ve tried to. I always want to say things that will help folks in their walk with the Lord Jesus but I don’t ever, ever, ever just want to just entertain or tickle the ears of those listening. I want to always preach the whole counsel of God.

This morning I want to tackle one of those delicate issues, one that we need to be reminded of quite often. I want to speak this morning about brotherly restoration of those who have fallen into sin. And before I get started I want you to know that this is not aimed at any particular person or persons. I just want us to be aware of the need for restoration within the body of Christ. I’ve entitled today’s message, “Operation Restoration”. Turn if you will in your Bibles this morning to the book of Galatians chapter 6. We’re going to be looking at verses 1-5. The book of Galatians was written by the apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It deals with a number of important issues including the one we’re going to look at this morning. (Read/Pray)

The very first thing I want us to see in this passage is the word “man”. We need to realize that that doesn’t mean the male gender only. Jesus said, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” He didn’t just mean men there, it includes women also. This passage of scripture is referring to men and women so when we use the word “man” or “brother” I want you to know that we’re including both genders.

Some versions use the word “someone”. It’s the Greek word “Anthropos” where we get the word anthropology, which means the study of man. It basically means “A human being.” People just like us who has the same desires, the same passions, and the same urges as we do. They have a fleshly body so therefore they’re going to face the same temptations we do because the scripture tells us in I Cor. 10:13 that all temptation is common to man.

Well, this passage of scripture refers to the Christian who has given in to temptation, fallen into sin and his fellowship with the Lord has been broken. We all know them. We may have been there or may be there now. Well, what is the attitude of the church to be? Do we ignore them? Do we criticize them? Do we withdraw from them? Do we spread rumors about them? Do we write them off? Sadly to say some do but that’s not what the word of God says. Look at verse 1. There are some guidelines for us to follow. First of all we are to,

I.Let Those Who Are Spiritual Handle The Matter .

This is talking about those who are walking in the Spirit, those who are guided by the assistance of the Holy Spirit. In other words, those who walk close to the Lord Jesus. These are the ones to handle delicate matters like this. But you know what happens most of the time? The wrong person approaches this individual and starts condemning them up one side and down the other and only pushes them farther away. I think sometimes as Christians we shoot our own wounded and leave them to the buzzards.

The kind of person that has to approach a sinning brother or sister has to be patient and loving and let them know they care about them. Another thing is this, their life has to be right with the Lord Jesus before he can confront someone else about their condition. They can’t be full of arrogance and pride and a lack of self control because you know as well as I do that won’t get them anywhere when talking to an individual. No one likes to be talked down to! Those who are spiritual have to be the one to confront a fallen brother or sister. The second thing verse 1 tells us do is to,

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