Summary: the beatitudes according to Luke

Original Sin

Ever disappointed by how empty a new bag of chips or box of cereal is - “some settling of contents has occurred” Illustrate this

Jesus unpacks what this new kingdom is like by some very unsettling illustrations.

Very UN-Kingdom like laws

Nothing here is vague or hard to understand

Hard to put into practice - Absolutely

But crystal clear - painfully easy to understand

As you read or listen - stop looking for loopholes, you are not the EXCEPTION

Let’s take a close look at what Jesus has to say about my enemies. About the unfairness and inequality in this world

But let’s go deeper and see how or if repentance changed my life in regard to those most difficult to love. E G R - Extra Grace Required.

Read LK 6:27-42

I know - it’s outrageous! Love - Enemies!

Do Good - to those who HATE you

Bless those who - Curse you

Pray for those who mistreat you

What was He thinking

Love vs. Judge

Don’t judge - Primary sin of the fall - Limitations of Judges - we can’t ever see clearly - speck or plank. Goal to be like teacher - He doesn't judge

Forgive vs. Condemn

Give Lavishly vs. Refuse

What might happen if we obey these radical new Kingdom Laws - Radical love - humble service gains good will and turns enemies to friends

What if as Christians we began to live abundantly

Give generously, forgive lavishly, love unconditionally?

Our world is broken, our lives are damaged, what we see when we open the bag/box is pretty disappointing, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

With God, He refills to overflowing those who live in Grace and are gracious to others.

The aim is for the student to be like His teacher

Illustrate with a volunteer

Blind leading Blind - so don't follow me - except as I am following Jesus

As Jesus calls us to live merciful lives, Take a closer look at the mercy quotient in your life.

Is it a defining character trait or defect?

Do you have to fake it till you make it?

No - there is no mention of how you feel in any of these directions.

Love your enemies (Bless them - do good, pray for them, none of this requires you to feel anything)

Take the hit on the chin, lean into it

Give stuff away, don't demand

Do to others what you would have them do to you




Next Step - Dare me to be like Jesus

It is hard to judge fairly when you are incomplete

We are incomplete because we are broken, our families and friends are broken, our world is broken, because our vision is impaired, our understanding is finite, our judgments are not just.

So God lets us off the hook

Jesus came to save not Judge - so Jesus lets us off the hook in judgment department and tells us to do the same

God freely forgives our senseless - evil - selfish - mean acts

He exchanges favor for condemnation

He gives freely though we have no hope of repaying

He Blesses us though we often blame and curse Him

And He invites us to do the very same thing

Think about it, - God invites us to Imitate HIM - for the student to be like the teacher

And in doing so, we become more like His image

As He originally designed us

Breathtaking, glorious, beautiful creatures

Designed and patterned in God’s own image.

That’s Heaven - God’s Kingdom Come, on earth as it is in heaven

Getting back to the bag of chips - box of cereal

Don’t miss this - it is very important


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