Summary: What should be my stance as a Christian when life hurts?

OUCH! That hurts!

Romans 8:28-39

Faith that can’t be tested can’t be trusted.

William Seck “If Joseph had not been Egypt’s prisoner, he would have never been Egypt’s Governor. The iron chains about his feet ushered in the golden chains about his neck.”

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

o Paul wrote, prob at Corinth on 3rd missionary journey

o Greatly desired visit Roman church.

o However, could not because felt- must personally deliver collection taken among Gentile churches 4 poverty-stricken Christians of Jerusalem

o So instead he sent a letter to prepare them for his intended visit in connection w/mission Spain

o Easy for him to say.

o Paul was no sissy,

o In prison - ship wrecked – stoned left 4 dead…

o Scripture we like to wield around, sword

o At every difficulty – If not kept in the proper context- can back fire on you.

o Will be like trying to kill rhino- b b gun

o & we wonder why some get discouraged

In all this I am More than overcomer!

O- overcome your emotions & feelings by the renewing of your mind

Romans 12:1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. 2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

1) The flesh must take back seat to the Spirit

Romans 8:38 I am FULLY persuaded- convinced

pi’-tho; primary verb; to convince or passive to assent (to evidence or authority), to rely (by inward certainty) :- agree, assure, believe, have confidence, be confident, obey, persuade, trust, yield.

a. Problem most are they not fully persuaded,

b. They don’t even consider it.

Rom 8:15 you did not receive the spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, you received the Spirit of son ship, whereby we cry Abba Father!

c. Instead of saying my Dads bigger than yours

d. I’m telling, …Da-ad

e. We just cry- ohh, waaa- what am “I” going to do

f. Should be asking -God what would you have me to do?

g. People rely on the worlds provision

h. Dr. prognosis, Dr. Phil says, Montel

i. People get scared, fear is a factor for many

j. Word “Fear” is mentioned over 400 times in Bible!

k. Enemy will capitalize on your emotions

So how do we renew our minds?

READ Romans 12:2 Do not…be transformed by renewing of your mind

VERSE 3 ALL about how you THINK of SELF!

1)Have faith

2)Junk out! God stuff in!

3)Bible- prayer - fellowship

(Missionary story @ banquet- no $)

U- Understand

a. Understand -Your life is not your own

b. Understand – your life… is no longer about you!

c. U- No room for selfishness

d. Don’t think more highly of yourself…

e. I’m too_ to help out w/VBS.

f. What you’re saying is you- or your _ is more important than making an eternal diff in the lives of our children!

g. Understand -U now have a bigger purpose, calling

h. U Passed from death to life! ETERNAL!

1 John 3:16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives (tv, golf, crafts) for our brothers

To live is Christ- to die is gain!

i. Understand your life w/out Jesus will be a mess with no hope!


j. Understand your life in Jesus may still have messes- but is now about God & His purposes

3 kinds of “messes”

1) Self inflicted- poor judgement

2) Sin inflicted- by us – or others

3) God ordained –Job – Meg’s mom (used her sickness to bring her wayward relatives to Christ)

k. Won’t lead you where His Spirit won’t keep you

l. He has not only a plan but THE plan!

m. Keep your eyes on JESUS & His plan!

n. Football team – all have parts to play

o. They take hit, after hit, head games, grrrrr, block the enemy from getting to the ball.

p. Yet they are just as important, as the Q-back

(some called intercessory prayer, to block enemy, from pastor, our church, services, ministries, families)

q. Rarely does center score a TD.

r. You are a part of the puzzle, not the puzzle!

(turn say you just a part, but you are needed)

How do you get understanding?

1) God gives it thru Holy Spirit. ASK FOR IT!

Psalms 119:73 Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands

1 John 5:20 We know also that the Son of God has come & has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true—even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life

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