Summary: The 5th message in a series on spiritual warfare focusing on our aim and admoniton as believers.

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The Battle is the Lord¡¦s

Our Admonition and Aim

Intro: A group of historians have compiled a list of interesting stats. Since 3600 B.C., the world has known only 292 yrs of peace. During this time there have been 14,351 wars in which 3.64 bil. people have died. The value of property destroyed is equal to a gold belt 97.2 miles wide and 33 feet thick.

Trans: For the past few weeks we have been discussing the reality of war ¡V spiritual war. We¡¦ve talked about becoming aware of the battle, our adversary in the battle, and our arsenal for the battle. Today we¡¦re going to conclude our study by looking at our aim and admonition through the battle.

Read: Ephesians 6:10-18

I Our Admonition ¡V Be Strong

Quote: We¡¦re not here for a day, a few weeks, or even a few years ¡V we¡¦re here for the journey. And the journey has an ultimate destination ¡V we are currently caught somewhere b/w two eternities ¡V eternal Heaven or eternal Hell.

A Be Enlightened

1 The Sphere of the Enemy

a It is not flesh and blood but spiritual.

b It is not fought on earth but in the heavenlies

2 The Strength of the Enemy

a Satan is the strongest being in God¡¦s creation

b Satan is has a loyal legion of demonic forces

3 The Seduction of the Enemy

a He is an angel of light

b He is the father of lies

Note: He doesn¡¦t fight fair and he is only in the demolition business ¡V he comes to kill, steal, and destroy ¡V DON¡¦T BE DECEIVED!

4 The Season of the Enemy

a Prince of the air

b Ruler of this world

Note: God has loosed Satan for a short time that God¡¦s will might be perfected in you, through you, for you, and by you to His glory.

B Be Equipped

Note: We are to equip ourselves w/ the convictions, beliefs, and truths provided by God in salvation and released to us through the reality of His Holy Spirit and the authoritative truth of His Word as a regular pattern of our lives.

1 The Belt of Truth

Idea: We must center our lives on the truth of God¡¦s person, character, and work. God is truth and in Him there is nothing false ¡V His will and way can be trusted and we must build our lives upon this reality.

Verse: This is the message that we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light, and in him there is no darkness-none at all! 1 Jn 1:5

2 The Breastplate of Righteousness

Idea: God has imputed and imparted righteousness to us in salvation, and we must set our focus on living rightly before him and man seeking things above ¡V setting our affections on his mission, mandate, and model.

We all must live a life that is blameless and honoring to God and man.

3 The Shoes of Peace

Idea: We are to bask in the provision of God¡¦s peace that assures us of His presence and power and gives us the confidence to walk by faith.

4 The Shield of Faith

Idea: We¡¦re to walk in faith that enables us to deflect the darts of doubt and confusion that we¡¦d have courage and confidence in the community of faith.

5 The Helmet of Salvation

Idea: Put on the knowledge and reality of the complete work of God in salvation that provides justification, sanctification, and glorification in our lives ¡V a salvation that saves me from hell and into an intimate relationship w/ God.

6 The Sword of the Spirit

Idea: We are to wield the powerful, double-edged sword of God¡¦s living and active, God-breathed, inspired holy Word.

Quote: The Bible isn¡¦t just a book. It is the oldest living book of its kind whose author is still living.

Listen: If you honestly examine the Bible, you will discover that you don¡¦t examine the Bible, it examines you.

C Be Empowered

Verse: Pray in the Spirit at all times w/ every kind of prayer and request. For the same reason be alert w/ every kind of effort and request for all the saints. Pray also for me, so that when I open my mouth, the right words will be given to me. Then I will boldly make known the secret of the gospel, for whose sake I am an ambassador in chains, desiring to declare it as boldly as I should. Eph. 6:18-20

Idea: A lamp w/ a functional light bulb is useless w/out the flow of electricity. So too is the Christian powerless w/out the flow of power through prayer.

1 Spirit-Led Prayer

Note: Don¡¦t pray in your understanding and ability, pray under God¡¦s influence.

Verse: Stop getting drunk with wine, which leads to wild living, but keep on being filled w/ the Spirit. Eph. 5:18

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