Summary: Having a Big God effects everything we know and believe

Our Big God!

Ps 139:1-17

INTRO: Message is to get us our of a little God Syndrome

1. We come to church where we have placed God in a box

a. We come & watch Him up on stage in the music &

preaching but He is limited to that place only

1. He doesn’t go home with us, our lives are unaffected by Him

2. We are afraid to let Him out of His box, … He might mess things up

b. Worship is about seeing God in ALL His wonder & Glory

1. Worship takes place when we see God, See Him as He is BIG!

2. *Magic Eyes: a New way of looking at the World

a. Stare intently, concentrate, focus with all your attention on

the page and the picture will be revealed

b. Same with the pages of God’s Word

1. We are to concentrate, focus upon the written pages of God’s

revelation of Himself

c. There God will reveal & expose His greatness

1. Ps 139 is a poetic picture of God, How big God is

2. Say it with me: God is Big! We have a BIG God!

3. The Bigger that God is, the more truth is illuminated in our

hearts & minds

a. Greater understanding of life, our world, eternity have

b. The Greater our commitment will be

1. I don’t need to challenge you to obey God I should not have to

belittle you into being obedient or committed to the lord Jesus

2. When you see God for who He is, In All His majesty, Greatness &

Bigness You’ll love Him more & automatically be more committed

c. With a Big God our worship, Obedience, commitment &

love will be bigger & better

4. How big is God?

I. v1-4 God is a Know it ALL God

A. Omniscient Omni + Science God knows Everything

1. God is soooo Big He knows everything there is to know

2. Don’t have a God puzzled, befuddled, worried, in the dark

or ignorant about you, your life or anything else. Wonderful news

3. Effects my Prayer Life

a. Don’t Pray “Lord I don’t know if you know about Sally sue & her

health problems… or Joe don’s family marital troubles or even

Bubba who lost his job this week

b. Symptom of Little God Syndrome is we talk to Him as if

we don’t thin He knows what is going on

c. God Doesn’t say: “Awww Their having a crisis in that family? I didn’t know, me & the angels were over in Africa & was soo busy. Hold on I’ll get right to it

1. God doesn’t go into panic mode for being caught off guard

a. He doesn’t have brain freeze nor does He sleep during the night &

wake up to new troubles He wasn’t aware of

d. God knows EVERYTHING about you, me, about what is,

what is to be, you name it, He knows it

1. That gives me a LOT of security AMEN??

a. Pray now with assurance that when I come to Him He is totally

aware of what is going on

b. My prayer is about telling God about what is going on, but it helps

me, blesses me to unload, to know He is aware and all is going

according to His divine plan and that He has all the answers

4. Effects My Ethics Life

a. Tax time, those so called deductions IRS may not know

but God does

b. Changes the way we handle our self at work, we don’t flirt

with the secretary, though the wife may not know,

1. God Knows

c. Changes the way we treat other people at school

1. Call that person who is different a crude & rude name

2. Think only you & the buddy knows, but God also knows

5. We limit God by the way we live, we live as if we can get

by with sin

a. Live as if God isn’t around, isn’t listening, isn’t aware,

doesn’t know living in a Little God Syndrome

b. The Devil loves to whisper in our ears, Go ahead

1. Do what you want, do what feels good. Say those nasty words, get

even with that person. Lay out of services

2. He whispers, “Nobody knows”

6. On earth, maybe nobody knows But God Knows

a. That changes the way I worship, the way I think, the way

Pray, the way I live life

7. When I ran from God, He called me to the ministry

a. I tried to pull a Jonah went the other way

1. I knew better but I didn’t it stupidly anyway

b. All that time I was in bars & dens of iniquity God knew

where I was I knew He knew it I was miserable

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