Summary: (Tieing in the Super Bowl) Victory Over:Œ 1. Influence of People 2.  The World’s Influence 3. Ž Stress of Life 4.  Satan’s Powers

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- THE most popular and most-watched sporting event of the year.

- Super Bowl ‘47’ is going to be watched by an estimated 100 million Americans.

- Soccer is the most watched game in the world 3.2 billion

- Most valuable franchise in the world is England's Manchester United soccer team, worth $3 billion, well ahead of the Dallas Cowboys' $2.1

- Watched on 80” tv that cost $5,500

- Tonight 6:30 Feb. 3/13 live from New Orleans (last time was in 2001)

- The San Francisco 49ers & the Baltimore Ravens.

- 26 cameras will cover all angles of the game (including one on Bourbon Street and an aerial flycam), two jumbrotrons.

- Televised from two production trucks named Larkspur and Justice.

- Seven generators run the lot, each with the capacity to power a house.

- ESPN's Super Bowl coverage will have broadcast more than 120 hours of live programming,

- First time, two head coaches brothers face each other, Jim & John Harbaugh.

- CBS 30 sec. commercials go for $4M

- 1970 30 sec. cost $42,000

- 2012 average $3.5 million asking price

- Works out to $866,667 per second

- Or 2.8 million: 2-liter bottles of pop purchased, at $1.25 per bottle.

- Or 368,421: Movie tickets that could be purchased, at $9.50 each.

- Or 117: Cars could be purchased, at $30,000 a piece.

- Just to get inside the building, tickets will cost $1,800.

- Want the best seat available? Will cost $6,000

- If you really want to watch the game in style, you and 29 friends can spring for a 30-person suit and it will only cost you $315,000.

- Hotel rooms are going for $300-$800 a night

- 5 Days / 4 Nights Package at the Hampton Inn $5,500 per person

- While the prices may seem outrageous, they are actually 12 percent lower than the average ticket on the resale market for last year's Super Bowl.

- All this for 1 hour of game time that will fade away

- Vince Lombardi Trophy gathering dust in a trophy case

- What do these champions do for you?

The World Looking For A Champion

“Champion” as:

a. One that wins first place in a competition

b. One that is superior

• We don’t need Super Bowl champion

• We don’t need a Soccer champion

• We don’t need a Olympian champion

• We need is a “champion” in the biblical sense

- We need someone to “stand in the space between” own sin and the power of death.

- Champion found only 3x in the bible 1 Sa 17:4, 23, 57

- All to do with the Israel’s enemy the Philistines & Goliath

Aw but we but we have a champion that gives us the victory

1 Corinthians 15:57 (AV)

Victory Over:

ΠInfluence of People

Psalm 44:5 (AV)

 The World’s Influence

1 John 5:4 (AV)

Ž Stress of Life

Romans 8:35 (AV)

Romans 8:37 (AV)

 Satan’s Powers

Revelation 15:2 (AV)

The Overcomers Trophy

An Eternal Inheritance

Revelation 21:7 (AV)

The Celebration, Cheer. High Five (well four)

Four Alleluia’s – Rev. 19:1-6

- Spectators of the Super Bowl never take part in celebration

1. Rev. 19:1 – Alleluia of Salvation

2. Rev. 19:3 – Alleluia of Vindication (judgment)

3. Rev. 19:4 – Alleluia of Affirmation (Amen)

4. Rev. 19:6 – – Alleluia of Coronations

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