Summary: Our Comforting God – 2 Corinthians chapter 1 verses 1-11 - – sermon by Gordon Curley (preached at a believers baptism service)

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(1). Remember What God Is To You (vs 3)

(2). Remember How God Uses You (vs 4-7).

(3). Remember What God Does For You (vs 8-11).



On a factory noticeboard was this notice:



• At the bottom of the notice some mischievous person had scribbled,

• “He’ll kiss it and make it better.”

• TRANSITION: Wouldn’t it be great if life was that simple?

• If a simple kiss could remove the problems of life!

• But you and I know life is never that simple.

Note: People react to trouble in different ways:

• Some Grumble – Some Gripe – Some Groan – Some Grieve – Some Growl;


• Trouble, hardships, difficulties never leave a person the same.

• It will either leave you “bitter” or “better”.


• While Billie and her Frank Wilcox were living in Pakistan;

• Their six-month-old baby died.

• An old Punjabi man who heard of their grief came to comfort them.

• "A tragedy like this is similar to being plunged into boiling water," he explained.

• "If you are an egg, your affliction will make you hard-boiled and unresponsive.

• If you are a potato, you will emerge soft and pliable, resilient and adaptable."

• Billie writes:

• “It may sound funny to God, but there have been times when I have prayed,

• "O Lord, let me be a potato."”


• Some Grumble – Some Gripe – Some Groan – Some Grieve – Some Growl;

• And SOME GROW and allow God to develop their character;

• To help them put on spiritual muscle through their bad circumstances and experiences.


• I just love this photo that was posted on Facebook recently;

• Do you ever have days like that?

• Some of you are saying days, I have weeks, months or even years like it!


• Scott Peck begins his bestselling book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

• With these three words "Life is difficult!"

• TRANSITION: In 2 Corinthians the apostle Paul says this and much more.

• In fact this ancient letter with a 2016 postmark;

• We are not studying antiquity this morning;

• Remember that the content of this letter deals with the issues of today!

• The apostle Paul in this letter will talk about;

• Just where life is difficult,

• i.e. Talks about when our relationships are strained,

• If you have struggles with other people then this letter is for you!

• i.e. Talks about when our competence is questioned,

• If you ever face criticism or disapproval then this letter is for you!

• i.e. Talks about when our health and security are threatened!

• If you have health issues or emotional struggles then this letter is for you!

• But more than just pointing out the problems;

• It is a letter that has solutions,

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