Summary: Our Comforting God – 2 Corinthians chapter 1 verses 1-11 - – sermon by Gordon Curley (preached at a believers baptism service)


(1). Remember What God Is To You (vs 3)

(2). Remember How God Uses You (vs 4-7).

(3). Remember What God Does For You (vs 8-11).



On a factory noticeboard was this notice:



• At the bottom of the notice some mischievous person had scribbled,

• “He’ll kiss it and make it better.”

• TRANSITION: Wouldn’t it be great if life was that simple?

• If a simple kiss could remove the problems of life!

• But you and I know life is never that simple.

Note: People react to trouble in different ways:

• Some Grumble – Some Gripe – Some Groan – Some Grieve – Some Growl;


• Trouble, hardships, difficulties never leave a person the same.

• It will either leave you “bitter” or “better”.


• While Billie and her Frank Wilcox were living in Pakistan;

• Their six-month-old baby died.

• An old Punjabi man who heard of their grief came to comfort them.

• "A tragedy like this is similar to being plunged into boiling water," he explained.

• "If you are an egg, your affliction will make you hard-boiled and unresponsive.

• If you are a potato, you will emerge soft and pliable, resilient and adaptable."

• Billie writes:

• “It may sound funny to God, but there have been times when I have prayed,

• "O Lord, let me be a potato."”


• Some Grumble – Some Gripe – Some Groan – Some Grieve – Some Growl;

• And SOME GROW and allow God to develop their character;

• To help them put on spiritual muscle through their bad circumstances and experiences.


• I just love this photo that was posted on Facebook recently;

• Do you ever have days like that?

• Some of you are saying days, I have weeks, months or even years like it!


• Scott Peck begins his bestselling book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

• With these three words "Life is difficult!"

• TRANSITION: In 2 Corinthians the apostle Paul says this and much more.

• In fact this ancient letter with a 2016 postmark;

• We are not studying antiquity this morning;

• Remember that the content of this letter deals with the issues of today!

• The apostle Paul in this letter will talk about;

• Just where life is difficult,

• i.e. Talks about when our relationships are strained,

• If you have struggles with other people then this letter is for you!

• i.e. Talks about when our competence is questioned,

• If you ever face criticism or disapproval then this letter is for you!

• i.e. Talks about when our health and security are threatened!

• If you have health issues or emotional struggles then this letter is for you!

• But more than just pointing out the problems;

• It is a letter that has solutions,

• It does not contain clever clichés or soundbites.

• But it does inform us and remind us again and again;

• That the God of the Bible is a God of comfort;

• Who makes himself known to us in those difficulties.

• Every person alive experiences difficulties, problems and heart-ache;

• That is the result of living in a world gone wrong,

• A ‘fallen’ world, a world contaminated by sin and rebellious to its creator..

• But the Christian is never promised supernatural escape from the difficulties of life.

• Instead God offers us a supernatural use for them.

• Troubles become triumphs as God makes himself known in our weakness.


• When I read the Bible passage (vs 1-11);

• I hope you noticed that one word stands out;

• One word is repeated and meant to grab your attention:

• If you missed it, it is the word, ‘Comfort’!

• The word “comfort” (in the N.I.V.) appears seven times in verses 3 to 7;

• Seven times in just four verses.

• And you can find at least another three forms of that word in these verses!

• God will not promise to take your problems away;

• But he does promise to be with us in our difficulties and problems.


• This morning we are going to concentrate on verses 3 to 11;

• We may well cover the introduction to the letter next week.

• But today, there are three things to note from these verses:

(1). Remember What God Is To You (vs 3).

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles…”.


• Many of us are familiar with the Dutch Christian Corrie ten Boom;

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