Summary: God has a provision for us to enjoy a long life & productive life here on earth. It is in the covenant we share in Christ Jesus.

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Our covenant longevity service!

Question: What is covenant longevity?

- longevity simply means living to your appointed full age!

Job 5:26

- longevity for the believer also means, living to be above 70yrs!

Ps 90:10

- but covenant longevity is more than living to an old age; it is living a satisfying long life!

Ps 91:16

Question: what does a satisfying long life look like?

- long life is satisfying when it is lived in strength & health

Deut 33:24-25

- long life is satisfying, when it fulfils its calling & purpose.

Ex. 2 Tim 4:6-8

- long life is satisfying when it is enjoyed in blessings & influence.

Ex. Isa 65:19-23

- long life is satisfying when it leaves a lineage & posterity of grace.

Ps 112:1-3

Ex. Gen 48:1-3

- long life is satisfying when it has the assurance of eternal glory.

Ex. Heb 9:27

Dan 12:2-3

- you will fulfil your days!

This morning.... let us look @ "How to end the cycle of premature death?"

1st Service: break the power of death

2nd Service: stay away from presumptuous sins.

3rd Service: be intentional about healthy living.

4th Service: continually draw life from the supernatural.


- according to the scriptures; death is a state, a personality & a force!

- there is a condition called death; there is a spiritual entity called death & there is a power that works out death!

Ex. Rev 6:1-10

Rev 20:13-14


- the dominion of death over humanity started from Adam @ the garden!

Ex. Gen 2:17


- but @ Christ resurrection, the dominion of death over the child of God was taken away!

Rev 1:18.

- we are no more victims of death; in Christ, we are victorious over death!

Let's look @ 3 ways to break the power of death over our lives:

-a- remove the sting of death.

Ex. 1 Cor 15:53-55

- anywhere sin reigns, death is empowered!

Rom 6:23

- sin weakens the spiritual immune system!

- sin steals boldness & authority in prayer!

- sin allows demons to build alliances with natural pathogens, thereby establishing a stronghold in small diseases!

Hos 7:1-2

- we remove the sting of death, when we recover the fear of God!

Pro 14:27

Pro 16:6

-b- reject the fear of death.

Heb 2:14

- fear empowers a diagnosis to suspend your life's journey!

- fear makes the negative your dominant thought & life always moves in the direction of your dominant thought!

- fear refuses options that maybe divine opportunities!

Ps 23:4

-c- resist & destroy every death dealer.

Lk 10:19.

Mk 16:17.

- infirmity

- genetic

- witchcraft

- assassins etc.


Ps 19:7-14

- defn: presumptuous sins are sins we take for granted!

- presumptuous sins are sins that don't look so sinful but are spiritually deadly!

Let's look @ 3 examples of deadly presumptuous sins:

-i- abiding bitterness

Ex. 1 Jn 3:14-15

-ii- wrong talk

Pro 18:20-21

Ps 34:12-14

Deut 30:19

- lack of financial integrity

Jer 17:11

Zech 5:1-4

Ex. 1 Sam 2:27-33.

Question: how do you deal with presumptuous sins?

-a- treat Gods word like Gods word.

- it doesn't matter attitude always makes matters worse!


-i- live in the obedience of truth.

Rev 22:14

-ii- be deep about conviction & repentance.

Ex. 2 Cor 7:10

- while the Holy Spirit doesn't condemn, his convictions are deep!

- grace isn't a license to continue in sin, but an empowerment unto right living!

Rom 6:12-15

-b- turn the table around with good works.

- if presumptuous sins can cause sicknesses practical righteousness can bring healing too!

Ex. Dan 4:27

- there are acts that trigger mercy & long life!

Ezek 33:14-16


- do necessary restitution

- give alms to the poor

- sponsor kingdom projects

- be proactive about making peace!

-c- overturn the consequences of blood erased iniquity.

Ex. Rom 8:1-2.

Ex. 1 Cor 5 & 2 Cor 2:7;11.


- when sin is arrested, satanic authority is broken!

Col 1:13-14


- take authority!


- life has no duplicate!

- a healthy life is a good foundation for a long life!

- when health is abused, longevity is reduced!

- defn: to be intentional about healthy living is to acquire & apply available wisdom for life preservation, good health & longevity!

Pro 3:13-16

Question: What wisdom?

Answer: The wisdom of intentionality about health & safety!

Let's look @ 3 ways of being intentional about living a healthy life:

-a- continually treat your body like a holy temple.

- recognise that someone supernatural lives within your body & honour him by honouring your body!

Ex. 1 Cor 6:18-20.

- defn: a temple is a place of worship & it is treated with reverence, care, sacrifice!

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