Summary: A message that is a reminder of how awesome God is. Not was, but is.

Good Morning

Stand with me and lift up your bible and repeat after me.

This is my Bible.

I am what it says I am.

I can do what it says I can do.

I am going to learn how to be what it says I can be.

Today I will learn more of the word of God.

The indestructible, never ending, living word Of God.

I will never be the same.

I will never be the same.

In Jesus Name

Our God is an awesome God.

Today we are going to be encouraged and reminded that our God is an awesome God. Amen?

Turn with me in your bible to the book of Psalms chapter 54 and say, “Amen” when you are there.

Psalm 54:2 says, “Hear my prayer, O God; Give ear to the words of my mouth.”

In the New Kings James Bible, the word prayer appears 113 in 106 different verses.

Our lives are so busy here on earth that we seem to forget about that.

We pray when we need something or when we hear of something that happens in life that we know needs prayer but we don’t do what Jesus taught us.

A man on wrote about a recurring nightmare that he had been having.

He said. "I have this recurring nightmare," he said. "My wife and children are gathered at the cemetery for my funeral. After the service, the funeral director approaches my weeping family and hands them a box containing all my earthly possessions. In the box are 35 years of my annual calendars and diaries. I read over their shoulders as they scan the appointment notes that kept me busy for so many years. It occurs to me how seldom anything of significance was ever accomplished at those gatherings. I turn to look at my tombstone. The epitaph reads, 'Joe has gone to another meeting.'"

That person could be me or you. We need to regularly ask ourselves, "In my most relationships, in my work and in my free time, in all areas of my life, am I doing what is truly important?"

Important to me? I do the mundane. I do the urgent and the pressing. But do I spend enough time with what is actually significant?

Along time ago I made a demonstration to a church service.

I filled a large, clear jar with coffee beans almost to the top. The beans, I said, represent all of the activities we accomplish in a day. Then I produced two golf balls.

"These," I said, "represent a couple of the truly important things in our lives." I asked them to think of the golf balls as time spent with a significant person, such as a family member, or doing something special for somebody else, or developing their spiritual life or just beginning that project they keep putting off. I placed the balls on top of the beans then tried to screw on the lid. I couldn't do it. There were too many beans in the jar.

"Does this remind you of a typical day?" I asked. "We're so busy doing the usual we can't seem to squeeze in anything else."

I emptied the jar and started over. "But what if we put first things first? What if we start each day doing something special, something we truly WANT to do? I placed the golf balls into the jar first. Then I poured in the coffee beans - all of them. They fell neatly around the balls and filled the jar to the top. When I screwed on the lid it fit perfectly.

And that's the secret to building the kind of life you want. I've discovered that if I can begin every day with one or two things that are important to me, the other stuff still fits into place just fine.

I don't want to just do all of the RIGHT things and never get around to the BEST things. And I certainly don't want my life summed up in the sentence, "David has gone to another meeting." So, I handle the golf balls first. And in comparison, everything else is just beans.

The most important way to do this is to develop a way of putting things first in our lives that are the most meaningful.

What do you think is most important in life?

It took me a while to learn what that was. Prayer.

When I accepted Christ into my heart a long time ago, I thought, “Okay, now what is next?”

And I did not know.

I floundered along trying to do what I thought or what I had observed others doing.

Life was not the best in that area.

I kind of felt like Tom Hanks in the movie, “Cast Away”. His plane crashes and he ended up on a desolate island by himself. For several years he suffered being by himself and actually started talking to a soccer ball that had washed up on shore. He named it and everything. He lived this way for a while before being able to return back to civilization.

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