Summary: We have a great, wonderful, marvelous salvation.

Our Great Salvation Hebrews 2:1-4

I want to talk to you today about our Great Salvation

V3 refers to salvation as a great salvation. We have a great, wonderful, marvelous salvation.

It is great because it was given to us by our GREAT God and Savior. Salvation is of the Lord. God wrote the book on salvation. V3 says salvation was first spoken of by the Lord. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

Second, our salvation is great because it has brought the GREATEST change in our life. At salvation we were born again. We became a new creation in Christ; old things passed away, all things become new.

Salvation is great because of it reaches the GREATEST number of people. The whole world. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. Whosoever calls on him will be saved.

Salvation is great because it lasts the GREATEST period of time, eternity. At salvation we received eternal life; life that goes on forever.

It is great because it was paid for with the GREATEST price; the death of Christ. The pure, spotless, Lamb of God was the sacrifice given to provide our salvation. This alone makes it GREAT!

Our salvation is great because it is the most important part of our life. Our relationship with Christ is the most important part of our life. Jesus said whoever loves father, mother, brother, sister, children, or wife more than me is not worthy of me.

Our salvation is great because it is FREE. Salvation is the free gift of God to all that believe.

Salvation is a Transformation

Romans 12:1-2 Paul is speaking about our salvation and he says our salvation transforms us by the renewing of our minds.

The word translated “transformed” speaks of a change, a conversion.

This same word is used in Matthew 17 and Mark 9 to speak of the transfiguration of Christ. Jesus took Peter, James and John to the Mount of Transfiguration and he was transformed/transfigured before them. The Bible says His clothes became as white as light and his face was as bright as the noon day sun.

The word is also found in 2 Cor 3 where the Bible says, “We are being transformed into the likeness of the Lord from one level of glory to another.”

Salvation is a transformation in which God changes us from who we were into the image and likeness of Christ.

Salvation is the greatest transformation a person can experience.

I can personally testify to the fact that the greatest transformation I’ve ever experienced in life has been salvation. I say the greatest, because I’ve experienced other transformations.

Another transformation I experienced is marriage. Marriage is a transformation.

The Bible says in marriage 2 become one flesh. The Bible says you are no longer 2, but one. In marriage you become one with your spouse. Joined together in the Lord. That’s a transformation.

It’s a wonderful transformation. I highly recommend it.

Another transformation I’ve experienced was becoming a parent. My life changed when I became a parent. When my first born came into the world, I became a father. I had never been a father before.

It was a transformation. I became a proud poppa. I was easy to spot in the hospital that day. I was the guy with the biggest head. I walked around the hospital with my head held high and my chest poked out.

It happened again 4 years later with the birth of twins; identical twins. My life took on an even greater transformation. Becoming a father transformed my life.

The greatest transformation is salvation. It brings about the greatest change in a person’s life.

How can a great big God come into a little bitty heart, and not make a huge difference? He will. He will make a huge difference. Our great big, awesome, powerful God makes a great, big, huge, change when he comes into a person’s life. He will change your life. Salvation changes a person’s life.

You are born again. You become a new creation. This is a transformation.

It is a transformation of the soul and of the mind. You began to think differently, talk differently, live differently. You’re not the same person. You’re transformed.

Second, salvation is A Transition

A transition is a change from one status or condition to another. It’s a passage. Think of it in terms of a dead man coming back to life. Think of it in terms of going from a room filled with total complete black pitch darkness to a room filled with white bright radiant light.

Think of it in terms of Israel in Egypt, in slavery and bondage, crossing the Red Sea to a land flowing with milk and honey, fullness and freedom.

That’s a transition. That’s salvation.

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