Summary: Jesus wants to be The Harbor Master in our lives. He knows how to safely guide us into port. He knows the low spots, and only he knows how to get us there, safely. To do so, we must "give up our seat" as captain of our vessel. He must sit in the chair.

Jesus desires to rule in our lives, not to just sit and watch

us live our lives, but to be actively involved in our moment-

by-moment decision making. To be our Leader and Guide,..

to empower us, to guide us through troubled waters.

On TV recently, I saw a documentary about a

"Harbor Master" at a major U.S. Port.

Large ships come into this port many times a day.

A tug boat takes the Harbor Master out to the

in-coming vessel. The Harbor Master comes up

into the wheel house, taking the driver's seat of that new

vessel. He “takes over” as Captain of that incoming

vessel. The ship's Captain must STEP ASIDE. He

must turn over the controls to the Harbor Master, to

that stranger,.. and trust the Harbor Master to take care

of his vessel!

The Harbor Master is familiar with the waters

within his port. He knows where the low spots are. He can

NOT have "untrained" Captains coming into HIS port,

and running into other ships or closing down HIS port.

So, if you want to get safely into port,.. if you want it

done quickly and efficiently,.. if you want it done better

than YOU could ever do it,.. you must give it up, you

must surrender your vessel to the Harbor Master!

He (and ONLY He) can do the job!

Is Jesus My Savior? I know He is! Is He also

my Lord and Master? I made Him Lord! I gave Him

my seat,.. gave Him the controls,.. because only He can

guide me safely into Port. He's the ONLY one who has

ever successfully lived for God. You can't do it on your

own. Jesus must do it. Because only He can!

Jesus doesn't need our help. We can't help Jesus, to

make us better Christians. He must take over the controls.

Our job is to yield,.. to step down,.. to Make Him Master,

to trust Him to do what He needs to do,.. in us and through us!

The story of David and Saul is classic,.. it was a

unique situation in the History of Israel. No other time

where there TWO kings within Israel,.. both anointed

to be King,.. and neither of them sitting on the throne!

Saul had been rejected as King, because he had

assumed too much. Rather than wait for the prophet,

to lead the service (to worship), Saul takes it upon

himself to do the evening sacrifice! This was NOT

what the King did! This was unheard of! You just

didn't do that!

The prophet arrives and lets Saul know He is

OUT as King. Saul is sad, and repents, but it's no

use. God has cut him off from being king. The prophet

sets out to choose a new king, and God sends him to the

house of Jesse,.. and He anoints David as the new king.

In the following months, while Saul is still alive

and ruling,.. David (the New King) comes in to play the

harp for Saul,( the Old King) to soothe his sorrowful spirit.

Is Jesus (the New King) within our lives ONLY to

soothe our Spirits,.. or is Jesus there to Rule within our lives?

Things go from bad to worse,.. Saul ends up hunting

for David to Kill Him! (As if killing God's chosen New

King would be the answer to his problems!)

Saul hunts for David,.. while David is looking for

hiding places in caves, etc. to keep out of Saul's sight,..

to stay alive! This occupies both men,.. neither is ruling!

Nothing is going right!

David one day finds himself within inches of Saul,

and could have taken his life, two different times, but David

believes "this is the chosen one of the Lord,.. I will not kill

the Lord's anointed." (The Younger David shows more

maturity than the Older Saul!) David runs to save his life.

Saul pursues. Not a good picture.

Both men,.. and the nation,.. was suffering during this time.

"Someone needs to die." One needed to die,.. so the King,..

the rightful king, could rule.

Death finally happens. Saul is trapped,.. and falls

on his sword, taking his own life. Gives up His Life,.. finally,..

so that David can finally rule!

Death is our lot. "Take up your cross"... we need to die.

Paul said, "I am crucified with Christ,.. yet I live, but not I,..

Christ lives within me." (Gal. 2:20)

However you wish to look at it,.. we need to GIVE UP

OUR SEAT to The Great Harbor Master.

We need to die to self,.. "Deny self,.. take up

your cross.." Luke 9:23 We must step aside,.. we must yield,..

we must surrender, and give up our throne to Jesus.

How do I die? How do I yield? It's another step on

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