Summary: All power in heaven and earth is found in the wonderful name of Jesus! Learn what we have access to through the Name of Jesus

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Title: The Name of Jesus – 1

“The Inheritance”

Text: Hebrews 1:4-5

E.W. Kenyon gives this personal account:

One afternoon, while giving an address on “The Name of Jesus” a lawyer interrupted me, asking: “Do you mean to say that Jesus gave us the ‘Power of Attorney’ the Legal Right to use His Name?” I said to him, “Brother, you are a lawyer and I am a layman. Tell me – did Jesus give us the ‘Power of Attorney?’” He said, “If language means anything, then Jesus gave to the Church the Power of Attorney.” Then I asked him, “What is the value of this Power of Attorney?” He answered, “It all depends upon how much there is in back of it, how much authority, how much power this Name represents.” Then is when I began the search to find how much power and authority Jesus had.

All the power and all the authority that Jesus had is invested in His Name! I want to start a new series on the Name of Jesus. I base this series off two books: One is by E.W. Kenyon called, “The Wonderful Name of Jesus,” and the other is a book by Kenneth E. Hagin entitled, “The Name of Jesus.” There is so much information about the Name of Jesus and the power that we have in His Name. Each and every one of us, including myself is living way below our means as a believer.

The question is: Do we have the power of attorney to use His Name? The Word of God teaches that we do. Jesus said we could use His Name in prayer. He said we could use His Name in dealing with demons. He said we could use His Name in ministering healing to others and ourselves. In fact, that is where the secret to the supernatural lies. It is all in the use of that Name. We have depended, too much of the time, on our own ability to deliver someone, when in reality, it is the Name that delivers and sets free.

E.W. Kenyon says; “The measure of His ability (Jesus) is the measure of the value of that Name, and all that is invested in that Name belongs to us, for Jesus gave us the unqualified use of His Name.”

Hebrews 1:4; ¶ “Being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”


Jesus inherited a more excellent name than they. He inherited a greater Name than any angelic being. As a Son of God, He is an heir of all things. The Bible says He is the express image of God. He is the brightness or as the Bible in Basic English puts it, “the outshining,” of the Father. He is God speaking to us. And Jesus, by inheritance, obtained a more excellent Name.

When did He inherit that name? Some think He inherited it in Heaven. He did not inherit anything in heaven before He came to this earth, because He already had everything. He did not inherit it when He came to earth, because the Apostle Paul tells in the book of Philippians that He laid aside all honour and glory. So, the question remains: When did He inherit His Name? We find in the following verse:

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