Summary: We have an inheritance that should help us to endure the difficulties of life

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 There are times when life is a real struggle. The health starts to go bad, bills start pouring in, and debt starts to accumulate. Problems start to happen in the marriage. Your children start to cause you a lot of trouble. You job is no longer as secure as you once thought it to be. OH MY!

 There are times when living out your faith is a real struggle. All of the above things can cause us to back down from our faith. The problems of life can cause us to want to abandon the faith we have in Jesus because we feel like there is no hope.

 We are going to take a journey through a New Testament book that deals with dealing with difficult times.

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 The book of 1 Peter was written to Christians who were suffering various levels of persecution and distresses. The Christians were going through a lot of tough times and it was hard for some of them to keep the faith. Many of them felt as if God had left them or let them down.

 How many of us have felt that way? How many times have we faced struggles of various types and as we were going through them, wondered where God was?

 When you are facing what seems to be a hopeless situation, what is it that keeps you going?

 For me the answer is the hope of better things, the hope that things will get better, the hope that it will all work out.

 When things are not going well, we need to know that it will get better, that there is a pot of gold if you will at the end of the rainbow.

 As the Christians were going through difficult times.

 We need to be reminded of the great things we have in Christ and that these things are so good that we would not want to leave Jesus and miss out on them.

 Today we are going to look at the great promise we have from Jesus concerning our future. This great promise should be something that can change the way we look at today with all of its problems and concerns.

 Turn to 1 Peter 1. We will be looking at verses 1-5 this morning. Let us begin with verse 1

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1 Peter 1:1(ESV) 1Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who are elect exiles of the dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia,

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 An inheritance is significant in part because of what it symbolizes. Having an inheritance usually means you are EITHER part of a family or you are special to someone.

 It means you have something waiting for you, something that took a long time for someone to accumulate

 For the Jews, they had the Promise Land. God had promised them a place where they could escape the slavery of Egypt. A place they could call home. When they lived in Egypt, they were aliens in a foreign land.

 Peter is reminding the Christians who were suffering persecution that they were aliens in a strange land.

 An “exile, or alien” was one who “lives alongside of”, “temporary residents,” “not permanent settlers in the land, who have a deep attachment and a higher allegiance in another sphere.”

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