Summary: No matter the circumstances of Our Lives God can still speak to us. He may even choose an unpleasant circumstance as a platform from which to speak.

Out Of The Whirlwind

Job 38:1-3 & 40:1-7

St. John 19:41

(whirlwind=a hurricane, tempest, or tornado)

Oh! What unspeakable miseries Job endured at the hands of Satan. A perfect man and without a blemish of conduct or character; Job endured torment and anguish of body, soul and mind.

His oxen and asses stolen and servants killed by the Sabians

His sheep and servants consumed by fire

His camels stolen and his servants killed

House collapses on his children and kills them all

Job is smitten from head to toe with boils.

These boils could have been likened to leprosy, smallpox, or even a modern day STD. This disease was most likely accompanied by high fevers, tremendous pain, puss filled sores, and the stench of rotting flesh. Cases such as this often required the binding of the hands to prevent the person from literally tearing off their own flesh.

Job 31:35 Job pleads for God to hear him. And wishes his adversary had written a book.

Job 29:1-7 Job longs for his former glory

Job 23:1-10 Job proclaims Gods absence

Job 9:32-35 Job cries for a days-man

Job 7:3-4 Job testifies of the months of his vanity. He is tired of tossing

Each of these verses gives testament to the brevity of Jobs situation. How unfortunate this situation is for Job, yet from this tragedy is forged a deep relationship with his God.

The power of Christ was in His word. During creation just his spoken word set chaos in motion. In the boat on the sea it was His word but not his presence that demanded nature bow to Him. With Lazarus, Jairus' daughter, and many others the spoken word was the changing factor.

His word is power and life, healing, creation, salvation, and gracious. He answered Job!! We must not allow ourselves to become so entwined with emotions and circumstantial evidence that we fail to hear God speaking. He may have chosen to answer you from the whirlwind of life itself.

We must constantly reaffirm to ourselves that God controls every situation of life. If in His providence He has chosen the whirlwind of life to be the platform by which he speaks to us; so be it. His word alone is Life! No matter the circumstances surrounding his speaking to us, more important that we hear him when he does. Though blind with tears and I cannot see God, weak from the constant tossing of lifers storm, my heart doth hear Him speaking peace to me.

If I must have a whirlwind in life, then let me at least hear my God speak from it.

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