Summary: To promote a heart for evangelism in the youth of our churches.


Masterpiece Student Outreach ~ Student Service ~ Wednesday, June 6, 2002


NICOLE ALAIMO - "Hi! I am Nicole Alaimo from ABC News. It is a saturday night and I am right now in Valley Stream, NY. This quit urban village has been infected by an OUTBREAK. Officials are shocked! They have no idea how it started ... all we know for sure is that it is only infecting people under the age of 22. This OUTBREAK seems to have been air born for an unknown period of time. We know that 85 students are confirmed positive. The OUTBREAK has been affecting everyone ... parents ... friends ... classmates ... the only thing that we know for sure is that they all have ONE THING in common ... they seem to have been in contact with students at a Youth Ministry ... um ... called ... yes, here it is ... Masterpiece Student Outreach! Apparently, this epidemic started with a small group of students here that spread this OUTBREAK ... This OUTBREAK is contagious ... it affects everyone! We also discovered that those who are more recently infected with the OUTBREAK transmit it much quicker than those who have been contaminated much longer. The OUTBREAK is rare and extremely transferable. The carrier spreads the OUTBREAK stronger each time they come in contact with people. Wait ... yes ... I see Dr. Bishop. Dr. Bishop just a few words ... please ... What do know about the OUTBREAK?”

PASTOR TODD – “Well, we do not know much. We know that it is highly contagious. It spreads by the mouth … travels through the nervous system to the mind … and then gets lodged in the heart where the OUTBREAK reaches its most critical, life-altering stages …”

NICOLE ALAIMO – “Will this OUTBREAK ever be contained?”

PASTOR TODD – “I am not really sure if that is possible. Without knowing the source of the infection. I do believe that if we identify the carriers and isolate them, we will be able to slightly contain it.”

NICOLE ALAIMO – “Can you carry the OUTBREAK without be infected by it?”

PASTOR TODD – “Well, that is impossible! Once the OUTBREAK infects you it will overtake every area of your life. This epidemic is unlike any that I have ever seen in my extensive years in the medical profession. It shocks me to see that after people catch this virus … they are happy! Once you are infected YOU WILL INFECT OTHERS! It seems like you have no choice!

NICOLE ALAIMO – “What should someone do if they get infected by the OUTBREAK?”

PASTOR TODD – “To be honest … I do not know. It is highly contagious! I would find your nearest hospital. Get to the doctor. And hope that there is some kind of treatment for this virus. My colleagues and I are baffled … we only want to find the carriers and isolate them … then the OUTBREAK will be contained!”

NICOLE ALAIMO – “Thank you Dr. Bishop! That’s it for now from Valley Stream. I am Nicole Alaimo covering the OUTBREAK ... not because I have to, but because I have been infected. Until next time ... look out for the OUTBREAK!"


Young person, I really believe that God wants to create an OUTBREAK EPIDEMIC that will cause us to infect truth into the lives of everyone we know!

I know that some of your schools need to experience the OUTBREAK!

I know that some of your families need to come in contact with the OUTBREAK!

I know that many of your friends need the touch of the OUTBREAK!

I know that this community is in desperate need of an OUTBREAK!

I also believe that this Student Ministry, once again, needs to be infected with the OUTBREAK!

In this little opening illustration … if you can remember … Dr. Bishop said, “If we can isolate the carriers, then the OUTBREAK will be contained.”

Friend, we have been isolated in the quarantine of Church … we have been isolated … and the OUTBREAK has stopped spreading!

George Gallup said, “North America is the only continent where Christianity is not growing. There has been a 5 million member decline in the churches in North America.”

George Barna recently said, “Half of all churches last year did not add one new member through conversion growth.”

The Barna Research Group released the following statistics:

* There are about 300 million people in the United States.

* 25% of the population has been invited to church.

* 15% (34 million) of those who have not been invited said they would accept if asked.

* 65% (146 million) unchurched people said that they would go to church if invited by a friend.

Young friend … there is a world out there that needs to be INFECTED by the OUTBREAK of Jesus Christ!

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