Summary: A basic discussion of what Jesus meant, in Matthew 28:19, when He said GO and make disciples." How are we to reach those outside the Church?

Outline for CBF October 11, 2009

Outreach: Getting back to the Basics #1

Intro. Story of Vince Lombardi regrouping his team: "This, is a football..."

- God’s plan for evangelism is that we go to those who need Him. Mat 28:18-20

TS. The "place" of outreach: should be mainly outside these four walls. "Go"

I. How did they do it in NT times?

A. Acts 2:46-47 -- They met not only in the Temple but also enjoyed one another’s company, going from house to house.

B. Acts 8:3-4 -- they were scattered and went everywhere preaching the gospel!

C. They were expected to be "in the world"f

1. John 17:15 -- Jesus wanted us in the world.

2. 1 Corinthians 5:9-10 -- It was simply expected that believers be in contact with immoral, ungodly sinners!

3. Acts 8:3-4 -- some of the most impressive outreach/missions ever accomplished, was through persecution:... they "scattered , (and) went everywhere preaching the word."

TS. Paul worked as a tent maker, no doubt rubbing shoulders, constantly, with other craftsmen in the market.

***. The people to be reached were/ are mainly outside these four walls.

II. How are we to reach them?!

TS. We’ve already seen, that in the early church, the brethren were "out there" talking to everybody they met about Jesus.

TS. Let me ask you a question. Do you associate with those who are outside the church? Here are some ideas:

A. Work with them.

1. Your job

2. Community service

3. Tupperware/avon/Amway

4. Volunteer fire dept.

B. Play with them.

TS. Yes! Who says that contact with people who need Jesus has to be work?

TS. Let me ask you, what do you enjoy doing?


3.gardening or hunting


C. Be there for them in crisis.

1.Do you have a skill such as plumbing, auto mechanics?

2. Every consider helping your neighbor with a need?

Watch their pet when they go away?

help with something they can’t do, or that you do better?

3 example of the Bear family.

D.What else?

TS. If you love Jesus and love His gospel (I mean, really love Him) you will talk with people, naturally, wherever you go and in whatever you do. But to reach people, one needs to be in contact with those who need Jesus!


1. Christ and His message are so great! When we truly comprehend this, it is easy to share!

2. Do you make it a practice to "review" the gospel?

a. It’s really uplifting!

b. Try reading something which focuses on grace. (Swindoll, Tony Evans, Jerry Bridges, Jeff Harkin, Grace Plus Nothing, The Book of Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, etc.!

3. Invitation to share Christ: get out there!

4. Invitation to trust in Christ.

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