Summary: This sermon is about the storms of life and the raging waters that are over our head, always remain under the power of Jesus' foot! He is able to walk on the turbulent waters, and calm the raging storms!

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1. Storms come in deep waters!

A Boy Scout Troop I know (Incidentally this is Scout Sunday)… every time they goes camping… it rains. Not only rains, but pours. One time, it was raining so hard they simply stayed in their tents as much as possible. They were camping near the banks of a normally dry creek. The Camp Director finally came and asked them to pack up and move to the main building. Thirty minutes after moving a wall of water swept through what had been their campsite. What happens when storms arise?

- They bring fear,

- panic may set in

- dark clouds cause depression

- with the storm may come doubt

What does the Scripture tell us the disciples experienced? Look at the words the scripture uses to describe their experiance

- darkness

- strong winds

- the waters grew rough!

Storms do come up in our daily lives: Serious illnesses; accidents; catastrophes; home foreclosures; drops in business; divorces; diseases; death; Unemployment; lost savings; loneliness (to name only a few).

2. The Disciples keet rowing!

So what do we do when the current gets swift? What do we do when the the boat is swamping? When the wind is blowing; When the deck is shaking? How do we weather the storms of Life? What did the disciples do? They kept “rowing”. In fact they rowed 3-3 ½ miles. It signifies a long distance in a storm. They didn't just say, "Look theirs a beach" and they rowed over to it and got out! No! When the sotmr of life came, they kept rowing! And rowing! And rowing! Rowing even against the odds!

So what do we do? We keep rowing! Keep moving forward! Keep trying! Stay the course!

3. The Disciples also "stayed" in the boat!

The didn't jump to false conclusions! Didn't let the fear overcome them to the point of wanting to abandon ship.

Sometimes in the storms of life we want to give up; throw in the towel; cash in the chips; abandon the ship! This is not the example the disciples set for us, but rather, they stayed the course and remained in the boat surrounded by their friends. So too we must maintain our faith, stay in the church, refuse to give up!

3. Jesus calms our fears: What is over our head, is under Jesus feet.

Something else happens in this story! Jesus appears! He calms their fears and when he steps into the boat they immediately were on the shore. Think about some great Bible stories:

- You can have five loaves, and two fish… then add Jesus, it feeds 5,000

- A woman is threatened to be stoned for adultery… add Jesus, she goes away forgiven

- Cleopas and his friend were grieving on the road to Emmaus… add Jesus, their eyes were open in the breaking of the bread

- Zaccheus, was a sinner, a tax collector, not well liked… Add Jesus as a dinner guest, he began to repay everything he ever wrongfully took

- Jesus asleep in the boat, a storm arises, winds and wave are beating the boat about… wake Jesus up, He rebukes the storm and calms the seas.

I had a thought about this story. Occasionally I do have an original thought (or at least I think I do). Let’s look at what this story represents. It is a normal day. They were heading out across the lake. The disciples “we’re in the boat” so to speak. And then a storm arises. Darkness. Winds come up. Waves toss the boat about.

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