Summary: Elijah becomes an example of dealing with and overcoming deprestion

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Jam 5:17/ Mal 4:5-6

Review 1 Kings 18 (esp v.24)/ 1 Kings 19:1-2/4

(Every church has a Jezebel)

Here is a man who great victories but now wants to die – Ps 42/ Num 11:15

Jeremiah … would that was never born

2 Cor 1:8

Two types of depression:

1- self-inflicted

2- spiritual depression

Why do people get depressed?

1- Because you feel like a failure

2- Because you feel like you don’t love God enough

Remember: Satan is the accuser of the brethren

1. Elijah had an unrealistic view of Christianity

- 1 Kin 18 – He believed he could have 1 perfect service – fire from heave and everything would be ok

2- He ran from the problem

- If he would of waited 24 more hrs he would have seen thru Jezebel

- We cannot run from our problem – 1 Kings 19:4

- Depression is always rooted in anger

- Ex Jonah/ Ninevah – Jonah 4:3

3- He violated God’s law of limitations – 19:14

- chs 17-18 – Elijah pushing and pushing until He’s exhausted

- Don’t quit or make major decisions when you are tired

- Learn to rest/ laugh/ enjoy life/ Rom 8:28/ Zech 4:6

God cured Elijah:

1- By showing him his love.

- When he was down – he gave him rest and food

2- He gave hive a spirit of honesty – He made him look at himself

3- God was a friend to Elijah – “…why are you here?”

4- God gave him a new commission – Go back to work. Jn 8:32

God wasn’t in the fire/ smoke/ earthquake but in the still small voice.

Do you recognize the still small voice or do you only recognize the fire/ smoke or earthquake?

Prophecy – “Your best days are ahead of you.”

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