Summary: Fear will keep a child of God in bondage, and if not dealt with can make him to go against the will of God. Jehoshaphat overcame fear and was able to enjoy the blessings of God to the fullest. We are to learn from his life and overcome all our fears.

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Study Text: 2 Chronicles 20: 1 – 20


- Fear creeps upon us without us realizing, slowly taking over our lives, until eventually it steals them.

- It steals our confidence, makes us feel insecure, affects our relationships and stops us doing the right things

- Fear is not from God but from Satan. Every time you feel fear in your life, it's a manifestation of the kingdom of darkness. 2 Tim 1: 7.

- Multitudes of people never fulfill the call of God on their lives simply because every time they try to go forward, the devil uses fear to stop them.

- Satan uses fear to keep people from enjoying life. Fear brings torment, and you surely can't enjoy life and be tormented at the same time. 1 John 4:18.

- Some common fears are fear of lack, death, loneliness, people, authority, commitment, failure, rejection, and even fear of being laughed at or ridiculed.

- In our text, Jehoshaphat overcame fear, and he enjoyed divine consolidation. We shall consider four secretes that made him to overcome.

1. He Focused on the Lord: Vs 3 – 4

- It is natural to be afraid in the face of difficulties and impossibilities, but it is supernatural to be able to turn the fear to the Lord.

- We fear because we feel out of control, we feel alone and powerless in the face of our trials and challenges.

- Since Jesus is in control, we must trust Jesus in the midst of life’s trials

- Nothing happens to us or around us that He is not aware of.

- Having peace in the midst to trials mean we must accept Jesus purpose in allowing the trial.

- If you are afraid, never allow the devil to push you away from God, but stay focused on Him. 2 King 1: 2 – 4.

2. He Exalted God above the Problem: Vs 3 – 4

- God is bigger than every mountain, problems and challenges we may face.

- We usually say so, but sometimes behave as if it is not so.

- It is a major Satanic strategy to magnify your problem and make you feel that:

a. It is impossible for God to solve the problem. Num 14: 1 - 4

b. It is too late for God to do something. John 11: 37 - 40

c. It is not of concern to God. Judges 6: 13

- If you are afraid, never allow the devil to magnify your problem above your God.

3. He Acknowledged his Insufficiency: Vs 12 – 13

- You must never trust in your power or in any human to help you out.

- Even if God will use someone, look up unto Him to make them available.

- This is why prayer is the first thing you need when things go wrong.

- Jesus is only a prayer away, and He might not respond until He hear our cry. Mark 4: 37 - 39

a. God’s purpose is that we be dependent upon him, and prayer is an expression of our need to Him. Phil 4: 6 – 7.

b. Prayer connects us immediately to Jesus who has the power to help.

- If you are afraid, never allow the devil to make you to depend on the arm of flesh 1 Sam 13: 11 – 14.

4. He Received Strength and Hope from the Word of God: Vs 18 – 20

- God will always have something to say to you in your situation, but you need to be calm to listen to Him.

- The word of God has a promise concerning your situation, allow the Holy Spirit to help you discover and believe it.

- Since Jesus has the power you can be assured that he is able to deliver on his promises.

- Isaiah 41:10 says, Fear not, for I am with you. God works gently with us to bring us out of bondage and into liberty.

- If you've been afraid of something and desire to be free, you must believe the word of God as the final authority about your case.


- It is God’s will for His children to live with peace in their hearts, trusting in Him and His promises.’

- If you're at a crossroad in your life, the Lord is encouraging you to go forward. Don't stand still in terror, but take His hand and go forward. Ex. 14: 11 - 15

- Remember, fear torments and God wants to deliver you from all of your fears. You can also overcome all fears and enjoy divine consolidation like Jehoshaphat by:

1. Focusing on the Lord in the midst of your fear

2. Exalting God above every problem and mountain in your life

3. Acknowledging your insufficiency and God’s supremacy

4. Receiving strength and hope from the word of God.

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