Summary: The Sermon on the Mount was not for everyone. It was only for REAL disciples. Should you be here for this series of messages?

I. The Multitudes (5:1a)

A. See 4:25

B. They followed the miracles

1. (4:23-24) brought sick folks to be healed

2. This happened often

a. Feeding of 5000

b. ‘An evil generation seeks a sign’

C. Majority of followers week after the exhilarating


II. The Mountain (5:1b)

A. He drew away from the crowds

1. Message is not for the crowds

2. It was intended for His disciples, although

some of the crowd followed & heard

(Matt. 7:28; Luke 7:1)

B. He intended this message for His disciples – real


1. Those dedicated to the truth over personal


2. Those dedicated to the truth over other


III. The Message (5:2)

A. Application of truth to issues of life

B. A picture of a disciple of Christ

1. Our effect on the world

2. Personal relationships

3. Marriage relationships

4. Spiritual disciplines

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