Summary: The spirit of whoredom & perversion often work hand in hand. These spirits have captured & captivated much of Europe and America’s young people.

A The spirit of whoredom & perversion often work hand in hand.

1 These spirits have captured & captivated much of Europe and America’s young people.

a Nearly every celebrity & sports figure that children demigod have be demonized by these two spirits.

aa Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, etc.

bb Amanda Knoxx in Italy (Sexually assalted & murdered a young woman)

b Africa is littered with mass graves from people who died of the AIDS virus.

2 Maybe you’re saying, “This is not my problem. I’ve never visisted a prostitute, pornography is not a problem I struggle with, faithful to my wife/husband, etc.”

a At the heart of the matter not a spirit of whoredom/perversion . . . but idolatry.

aa Anything that takes over you life can become an idol.

bb Career, money, sports, a person, food, a worthy cause or project, TV, hobbies or sex.

b 1 Cor. 6.12

aa Those who are controlled by spirit of whoredom/perversion have more than just simply a sexual problem.

bb There is always a root cause in the mind/spirt of person that leads to outward behavior or actions.

B The Ten Commandments sets out by telling us first that “Thou shalt have no other gods before me . . . I the Lord thy God, am a jealous God.” Ex. 20.3,5 KJV.

1 Manifestations of the spirit of whoredom/pervsions begin we give ourselves to anything above the Lord.

a When we sell our hearts to anyone/anything other than the Lord Jesus we prostitute our lives.

b The Bible reveals many reasons why whoredom & perversion gain entry into one’s life.

2 Pray

I The Forming of Idols

A Parental Failure

1 Parents can make or back a child. (Biggest asset of their lives or the biggest hindrance, healthy/unhealthy attachments)

a Child Abuse , “Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”

b Most prostitutes were victims of abuse by a father, step-father, or some other authority.

c Most homosexuals are victims of sexual abuse: others simply had no male model or where emotionally abused by fathers.

2 Generational curses follow bad parental behavior.

B Sexual Problems in Marriage

1When there are intimacy issues in a marriage where one marriage partners needs are going unfilled the one is unfilled can fall under attack/temptation drawing them into sin.

a 1 Cor. 7.5

b The progression is identifiable, measurable, predictable . . . & God cared enough about us that He put in the Bible, Chapter & Verse.

aa James 1.14-15

bb wrong desires, enticement, wrong acts, sin, and then death.

2 Today we can find sexual opportunities everywhere.

a The internet has become a new place to solicit evil.

b (IL. There are website designed exclusively to bring married people wanting to cheat in contact with other married people who want to cheat.)

C Early exposure to sexually explicit material

1 The enemy wants to pollute the mind and the younger he can start corrupting a young mind the better he likes it.

a A young person can easily and accidently open a door to via the internet that exposes them to the worst pornographic material out there.

aa Once the eyes see it, enters the mind . . . open door for demonic spirits.

bb Television, computer screens, cell phones are portholes into the minds of you and old and there is no way of escaping in our age of information.

b Students are given their homework on-line, social & educational structure is build around information technology.

aa The answer isn’t to hide/run from it.

bb You can’t run fast enough.

2 Technology is neutral: not evil/good.

a Be on guard against the enemy realizing the devil wants to ruin/destroy our families.

b We need to be accountable to our husbands/wives about what we see/watch.

aa Parents must set parental controls on their computers, monitor television programs, movies, and guard against any temptation.

bb When we consider the portals the Devil uses to we must very diligent.

D An undisciplined devotional life.

1 Believers who are daily committed to walking with Jesus Christ will likely remain untouched by spirits of perversion. (Will not stay under the spirits sway for long.)

a As believers we are called to have a life of self-control, stay away from things that tempt the flesh.

b If we are daily working on our relationship we will be made aware of the areas we are falling under attack and take it to Jesus.

2 Daily seeking God means . . .

a Active prayer life (that includes thankfulness & praise)

b I believe angels show up where ever God is praised!

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Donald Young

commented on Jun 26, 2017

Mike you are on point. I am going to use this as a Bible Study with my family.

Donald Young

commented on Jun 26, 2017

MOST MUSIC, TALK SHOWS, MOVIES, ETC Most music, talk shows, movies, etc is corrupting, polluting, and influencing people to take on the persona of their flesh, this world, and Satan instead being Spirit and Christ filled. FEED YOUR MIND WITH CHRIST Why not try feeding your mind with Christ instead of unwholesome, ungodly, and wicked entertainment. Christians should avoid even the appearance of evil and most of the stuff on TV and movies are evil. RENEW YOUR TIME Renew your time unto the Lord, and when you do watch TV or a movie, find programming that doesn't compromise your faith and God's Word. YOU WILL BE INFILTRATED BY WHAT YOU FEED YOUR MIND Why waste your time with ungodliness and foolishness? Seek the Lord and spend that time with Him (and in His Word) instead wasting countless hours feeding your mind and flesh with ungodly filth that is keeping you away from the things of the Lord causing you to become more adversarial unto His Will. I SEE MANY SELF-PROFESSING CHRISTIANS BEHAVING LIKE THE WORLD I see so many who call themselves believers behaving just like the world because they are embracing the ungodly things of the world instead of refuting and avoiding them. SO MANY ARE BEING DECEIVED Sadly lukewarm believers think they are okay not realizing their bible and god is ungodly TV, entertainment, etc because that is the only thing they are listening or watching instead of feeding themselves with God's Word and conforming to His Will. BREAKDOWN OF FAMILIES, HOMES, AND MARRIAGES Most movies, talk shows, etc are contributing to the breakdown of so many marriages, homes, and families, and causing so many people spiritual growth and obedience in the Lord to become stagnant, null, and void. DO YOU TRULY HAVE A PASSION FOR CHRIST If you are a believer in the Lord, there should be zeal within you to serve JESUS CHRIST and set your heart on things above. WAKE UP CHURCH FOLKS Wake up Church folks and seek the Lord with the entirety of your being then you will no longer desire the things the Lord abhors.

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