Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: P-A-W-B-A: Proclaim God Almighty, Acknowledge God’s Gifts, Worship Jesus, Bless OTHERS, Affirm God’s Word!

There will be times in our lives when we have to separate from our loved ones for a while.

Is there a godly way of doing that?

Jacob, who God called Israel, knew that his time on earth would be ending soon. Jacob knew that he would soon be separated from his loved ones. Were there any significant things that Jacob did as he was saying goodbye?

Open your Bibles to Genesis 48 and read along with me what God wants us to know about that time in Jacob’s life.

Let us begin reading from Genesis 47:28………

What did Jacob do as he was ready to leave the earth?

The first thing we note is that Jacob made a request about his burial. Isn’t it interesting that for his request, Jacob did not call everyone. He only called Joseph, likely for 2 reasons: Jacob loved Joseph the most and Joseph had the resources to do the request. Jacob asked with respect. Jacob told Joseph, “Will you show me kindness and faithfulness; bury me where my father was buried.”

Joseph swore he would do it and Jacob praised God!

And so, when Jacob was in his deathbed, Joseph came to his father. When I first read this I had to ask, “where are the other brothers?” The answer of course is that the brothers were already with their father Jacob in Goshen. Joseph came because he was not living in Goshen.

What is really interesting here is that Joseph brought his sons? Why would Joseph do that? The text doesn’t give us a reason. But here’s what we know for sure.

It was God ordained that the blessings of God would go through Jacob, passed on to Joseph, then to Joseph’s sons Mannaseh and Ephraim. Did you notice that God made a point about Jacob not seeing very well? Jacob was excited to see Joseph and couldn’t wait to give the blessing, but Jacob did not know his grandsons were with Joseph!

And so, at Jacob’s deathbed, the first people he talked to was Joseph, Mannaseh, and Ephraim. We will see next week in Genesis 49 that Jacob also talks to the rest of the Israel clan. Why did it happen this way? You see, God is faithful and will orchestrate the situation for His glory!

How did Jacob and Joseph respond to what God orchestrated?

In v3-4 we note that Jacob proclaimed God as Almighty and praised God for the promises given.

In v9 we note Joseph acknowledging God’s gift of sons.

In v11, Jacob gave thanks to God for allowing him to not only see Joseph again but also grandsons!

In v12-14, Joseph honored his father and offered his sons.

In v15, Joseph thanked God for all the provisions!

God is faithful and Almighty who will lead, guide, bless, protect, and provide! What an awesome God!

Jacob and Joseph responded to God with proclamation, praise, acknowledgement, thanksgiving, and worship! How do we respond to this Awesome God?

There are two other responses that we should note.

Jacob also responded to God by giving a blessing to his son and grandsons.

How did Jacob give the blessings?

In v10, we note that Jacob kissed and embraced his grandsons. In v15, Jacob prayed for success for Joseph.

In v17-20, Jacob trusted God in how to bless and claimed God’s promises for Joseph and the sons.

Are we passing on God’s blessings to our children?

And in v21-22, Jacob also responded to God by affirming God’s Word about the future. Jacob basically told Joseph that no matter what happens, remember what God said about the future. We all need to hear this don’t we? No matter what happens here on earth, we need to remember what God said about our future as Christians. Are you secure in Christ for your future? If you have questions about your future, read what God says about the future or talk to someone who is secured in Christ.

What does God tell us in the New Testament about this story of Jacob? We read in Hebrews 11:21, “By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.”

God is faithful and Almighty who will lead, guide, bless, protect, and provide! God is faithful to us! The question is, “how faithful are we to God?” Do we truly love God?

If we truly love God then we should respond to Him like Jacob did. God is faithful and orchestrated situations for Jacob to respond to. Jacob was found faithful, in other words, he loved God, because Jacob responded well.

God is faithful and Almighty who will lead, guide, bless, protect, and provide! Think about this for a moment: How is God orchestrating your life right now? On your notes, take a moment and write down your joys in life right now…………..

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